Earth To Universe, 1969: “We Come In Peace;” 2015: “Stay Away If You Value Your Sanity”

I’m not going to comment about the movie “The Martian” or its director, Ridley Scott. I liked the book by Andy Weir, but even though I work for NASA, I think it was a bit cheap and tawdry of us to time our recent press releases about water on Mars to promote the movie. Why did we do it? Because the studio asked us, and the studio happens to share a lot of the same political sentiments with the administration that tells NASA what to do.

As for Ridley Scott, he was the subject of the first public hit piece I ever wrote. It was about Scott’s disgusting movie “Kingdom of Heaven” which distorted enough history to make Oliver Stone blush, depicting the butcher Saladin as a wise and just leader and all Crusaders as murderous thugs.

So, I’d much rather comment on Gavin McInnes’ letter to the Martians who may be hiding on Mars in all that water. I think it’s just what they need to hear:
Welcome to America. We are members of a cultural group called “The West” and it’s generally understood the West is the best. America is known as the best of the best. We’re the ones who sent you the signal and it’s likely we’re the ones you’d most like to deal with from here on out. We’ve been sending out signals for a long time so we’re going to assume you’re at least partly familiar with our culture up until the end of the 20th century. There have been some drastic changes since then, however, and we will try to make them clear.

Virtually every industry of note in this country is still run by white males. These are the guys who sent you the message, for example. However, this group has fallen out of favor recently and is now called the patriarchy (the messages we sent you are now considered sexist and we’ve hired a woman to make sure we don’t mess up your planet). The guys who made us the best of the best are now considered the worst, and to facilitate this message, a massive information campaign has arisen that derides truth, logic, science, and math. In today’s America, up is down and right is wrong.

Read the whole letter at Taki’s Mag.


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One Response to Earth To Universe, 1969: “We Come In Peace;” 2015: “Stay Away If You Value Your Sanity”

  1. MadJack says:

    If ETs should come to Earth it certainly won’t be for interaction with humans. They’ll come because the Earth has something they need.

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