Dianny Nailed It: Bernie Sanders IS the “Child Catcher”

child_catcher_bern1jDiann Russell had the glorious insight recently to recognize her childhood bogeyman (and ours) in the most socialist candidate running for President, Bernie Sanders. You can’t miss Bernie. He’s the wingnut promising to raise taxes on corporations and rich people to 100% so that the rest of us can relax, send our kids to free college and enjoy our cushy jobs where we can bring our toddlers for free daycare and smoke pot while we work on bettering the world through Twitter hashtag campaigns, or whatever Democrats do in their ideal jobs. But Somehow I don’t think I will enjoy life much in Bernie’s world. I strongly suspect that I will not be allowed to drink whiskey and enjoy a cigar while I relax – partly because there will be a 1000% tax on vices, like cigar smoking and whiskey drinking, and partly because partaking will violate the terms of my free healthcare. That’s going to suck, especially since I won’t have a job, either. I kinda like being able to pay for things myself, you know? The graphic below is Dianny’s, from here, and it is truly frightening.


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4 Responses to Dianny Nailed It: Bernie Sanders IS the “Child Catcher”

  1. Adrienne says:

    Bernie is in first stage dementia, and so are his followers..

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