End of Summer, Chesapeake Style

Somebody asked me last week why I write about Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay when I live in Colorado. It’s because I have a weird commuting arrangement that keeps me traveling frequently to the east coast where I work in a tidal swamp at the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay near a place called Bull Island. It’s a beautiful place, full of pine trees and tall seagrass and crab pots stacked high by the marinas and remote food shacks like the Bull Island BBQ pictured here. This photo was taken just a few days ago by Donald Bowers, but I personally drink beer and eat BBQ in this fine establishment fairly often. The rest of the photos below are mine. Click any of them to embiggen.
The official end of summer around these parts is celebrated by the Poquoson Seafood Festival, which has enjoyed spectacular success and beautiful weather this past weekend. The Town of Poquoson, Virginia sits on the peninsula that is called Bull Island by the locals, and they’ve been marking the end of summer this way for decades, and they really know how to do it.
Festivities started Friday night with some of the best bands in the area, which are excellent, and everything centers around the local seafood, which is legendary.
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With the festival situated in a forest grove between the high school and the town center, the ambiance was perfect this weekend, as always.
Even though the Democrats showed up.
But the Trumpsters counteracted those buzzkills, so it was ok.
I mainly hang out in the soundboard tent, because the sound guys always know what’s going on and know the best jokes and the most embarrassing stuff about the bands.
Goodbye, Summer 2015. It’s hard to see you go.


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6 Responses to End of Summer, Chesapeake Style

  1. trailbee says:

    What an incredibly beautiful end of Summer. Great photos. American nostalgia.

  2. Diogenes says:

    You may not believe this but the one time I was in the Chesapeake Bay area it reminded me so much of the Belgian Low Lands. And the people were just lovely to me.

    • I very much believe it, though I’ve never been to Belgium, unfortunately. I certainly believe the people around the Chesapeake were good to you. They are good people. Some of them around here, however, are being stretched to the breaking point with Terry McAwful’s demand that they turn in their “Sons of Confederate Soldiers” license plates. That’s a big deal right now here in VA. People have dug in their heels. It’s gonna get ugly.

  3. freedom1781 says:

    Great photos. I’ve never been to Poquoson’s seafood festival and couldn’t go this year. I’m glad that you got to go. Sounds like you had a great time. We just got back from a mini vacation to Chincoteague Island with a short visit to Wallops Island. DD loved Wallops and was excited to see from where the rockets launch.

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