Ghost of Ambassador Stevens Shows Up at Hearing; Absolves Hillary

A surprise witness showed up at the House Select Committee on Benghazi hearing during former Secretary of State Clinton’s deposition. The deceased Ambassador Chris Stevens showed up to testify indirectly through the words of Secretary Clinton. Prompted right on cue by the Democrat members of the committee, Clinton spoke long and eloquently about Chris Steven’s sacrifice as if they were dear friends. She spoke of his willingness to be at the Benghazi post and his most intimate feelings about the danger involved and his willingness to sacrifice for his country.

It was almost as if she had actually spoken to him once or twice. Of course, that was not really the case, beyond taking official State Department photographs together. In fact, she famously forgot his name immediately after his death, and she admitted today that he never even had access to her personal email address. But she put on a marvelous show of knowing his motivations and, apparently, his lack of posthumous regret. As they say, Ambassador Stevens was unavailable for comment. But she tried to fake it pretty well, anyway.
At least one Benghazi hero’s uncle is not buying the lies today: “She should be ashamed.”
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4 Responses to Ghost of Ambassador Stevens Shows Up at Hearing; Absolves Hillary

  1. They’re holding seances in Congress now??

  2. trailbee says:

    Yes, this is one evil female, but she is well on her way to the Dem nomination and that is so scary when you know even her good points.

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