Fifty Years After Jean Shrimpton Shocked Australia in a Minidress, Women Need Labia Surgery to Go Out in Public

jean-shrimptonJump in the Way-Back Machine with me and go back exactly 50 years to October 30, 1965 in Melbourne, Australia. The world was scandalized when English supermodel, Jean Shrimpton, attended Derby Day at Flemington Racecourse wearing a white dress with a hem that was a full 4 inches above her knee! She was actually derided at the time, but within hours she was copied by practically every young woman in the world. Eventually, of course, it became a race to see just how little clothing women could wear in public without being arrested.

Well, today we’ve pretty much found out just how far that can go. If there’s a limit, I’m not really sure what that might be in 2015. Nipples are enthusiastically peeking out all over the place. And skirts, if you can call them skirts as opposed to fairly wide belts, don’t really cover anything, do they?

And here’s something interesting. The NY Post reports that the latest thing is for women to get “labia reduction surgery” to “look good in their yoga pants.” Or, as the Post explained for one Manhattan woman:

The striking model, who asked for her last name not to be used for professional reasons, underwent the surgery in September, because she was self-conscious about the size of the labia minora (inner lips) of her vagina.

She is among a growing number of women signing up for labiaplasty to reduce the size and “enhance the appearance” of their private parts, especially when they’re wearing tight-fitting clothes such as workout gear.

fgd3So, let me see if I got this straight. Yoga pants, which are not really pants, haven’t caused any scandal, even though they often show the contours of the inside of your mom’s vagina in public. Since, after all, women love them, so they have declared them APPROVED, though even many men consider them to be “too much,” or rather “too little.”

I’m one of those men, actually. Don’t get me wrong. I love the female form. A LOT. I love to see that form playfully displayed by dresses that show off that form. And even nudity has its place in art and proper drunken table dancing. But in a civilized culture, showing off the shape of your labia, which may or may not need trimming, in public, doesn’t really serve any rational or aesthetic purpose. Last time I checked, women frowned upon me wearing tight gym shorts that caused my testicles to fall out. Gym shorts are generally lose and baggy, you know, for a reason. Dresses were traditionally designed with the same utility in mind, even when they only go down to within 4 inches of the knee. Call me a prude. Call me a fashion idiot. But I don’t really get it. I guess, “You’ve come a long way, Baby.”


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5 Responses to Fifty Years After Jean Shrimpton Shocked Australia in a Minidress, Women Need Labia Surgery to Go Out in Public

  1. Adrienne says:

    I read that article and about gagged. There is no mystery left, and mystery is much sexier than slamming the steak on the plate – so to speak.

    It is also a a further repudiation of who they are. It’s almost like they’re trying to make themselves asexual.

    Let’s be honest here – the sexual organs of either sex are not really all that attractive. Of course, that’s just my opinion. I’d rather look at well developed manly man arms than some guy’s dangly parts.

    • Amen, Sister. Your comment reminds me of a fun time we had once on the Motorola Iridium project out in the SF Bay Area in the very early 90s. Most of us engineers were very young ~25, but we worked with a particular engineer who was a bit older than all of us. She never wore anything revealing but always wore knee-length dresses and had a very sexy air about her, despite being about 45-50 and not being super attractive in the face. But we dudes would sneak peeks down the hallways when she was walking away, just to see her walk. And we’d talk about her! “Man, how did she learn to walk *like that*?? Good times. If she only knew, I think she would have been flattered. All mystery. And all woman.

  2. Okay. That last picture was funny!

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