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Still Not That Insane, Really

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Bi-Polar Barry Again Shows Us the One Group He’s Willing to Act Decisively Against: Americans

He waited only long enough to find out that the Colorado Springs shooter wasn’t black or Muslim before calling for immediate action on gun control.  Meanwhile, he rejects 75% of ISIS targets, refuses to hit ISIS oil production and is … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Let us all be grateful that our very lives don’t depend on this joker! Oh, right.  Heh.  Uh, well then, let us be grateful for good company and living dangerously!  Salud!

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PCP Blogger Curmudgeon Apparently Involved in Brief Road Rage Incident and Shooting in Florida Beach Town; No Injuries

New Smyrna Beach,FL [SATIRE] – Local law enforcement authorities attempted to contact representatives of the Political Clown Parade Blog Monday afternoon in order to vouch for a woman they had in custody claiming to be the founder and owner of … Continue reading

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The Wages of Stupidity

That would be: Humiliation and Death, in that order.  Let’s not be naive, America.  We will get both those things, in our turn, as the direct result of our stupidity in bringing our current leadership to power.  Right now, Europe … Continue reading

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Russian PM Medvedev: ISIS Is Strong, and It’s Your Fault, Barack

If actions speak louder than words, maybe the American public should get a hearing test, because Barack Obama’s actions have begun to draw some serious accusations from around the world, and the public has been slow to acknowledge the gravity … Continue reading

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Who Wants to Dri-i-ive Those Priuses?

Tim Hawkin’s climate change version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird.  It never gets old. And a Tim Hawk Guitar Meltdown bonus: Even as a (lousy) sound engineer, it took me a while to figure out what he was doing with his … Continue reading

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Islamic Scholar, Hillary Clinton, Demonstrates FGM at CFR to Prove that Muslims Are Really A-OK

  Backstory here.

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Prayer Request for Blogger Down

Freedom1781 has been a familiar conservative blogger and patriot for most of the Age of Obama, starting out at HillBuzz and then migrating to Motley’s HoneyTrail and the Conservative Treehouse, then to For God, Family & Country and most recently … Continue reading

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We Are Living in a Bad Monty Python Skit

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