Saudi-Born Singer, Shams Bandar, Flees to the West to Escape the “Hell of the Arab World”

Somebody should tell her that Barack is busy duplicating that ‘Hell’ right here, so she better hurry.

Shams is a very brave woman who has already been called a traitor to the Arab people many times for her views. In this video, the interviewer insists that the USA and UK can be no better, and that we “caused the catastrophes of the (Arab) peoples.” She points out that Arabs have been slaughtering each other for 1400 years. America has been around for less than 300. How is it that we are responsible for all their catastrophes? The lady makes a good point. I hope she survives the next few months. This video is also particularly interesting for it’s commentary about the current Syrian crisis. Hat tip: Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.


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