Finally, a UN Resolution that will Benefit Us All

Phil Collins not “Throwing It All Away” after all, and people are pissed.
Daily Mail[NOT Satire] – Phil Collins announced he was coming out of retirement earlier this week, revealing he was recording his first new material since 2002.

And while many fans rejoiced at the news, others have been trying to stop the Genesis star’s comeback by a launching petition to the United Nations on
The online campaign, called ‘Phil Collins must be stopped’, has been gathering signatures from all over the world, from the UK to Australia.
So far, only a few hundred people have signed, so we need your help!
Read more, and make your crucial vote count, at the Daily Mail. Hat tip: Lili47 at MOTUS.


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13 Responses to Finally, a UN Resolution that will Benefit Us All

  1. willysgoatgruff says:

    “Howlin’ Wolf”….the only cure…

  2. willysgoatgruff says:

    Doin’ good…moved to Kansas and am…um…adjusting, but I think it’s worth it…doesn’t matter as I’m too old to move again….35 miles to the first stop light…LOL….Nah, I check in to Diogenes every day and I’ve somewhat forgotten about you….not any more, I’ll see your stuff everyday…your on my favorites list….keep on going!…be well and thrive!…

  3. Diogenes says:

    Stop talkin’ bad about my Daddy! LOL

  4. I’ve been waiting here so long thinking nothing could go wrong. Now it seems I’ve fallen for it.

  5. trailbee says:

    Who is Phil Collins? Seriously …

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