They’re Already Here

The latest skirmish over President Obama’s plan to settle Syrian men of military age who self-identify as ‘refugees’ has already been partly lost.  A few thousand Syrian individuals have already been introduced into American communities.  But this is only the latest and most illegal wave.  Over past decades, countless millions of Middle-Eastern immigrants have settled in the US, both legally and illegally, and a large number of them, despite liberals’ claims to the contrary, are jihadi sympathizers if not jihadis outright.  Here’s the proof.
This plot by The Independent made with data from the Brookings Institute, was recently posted by Zero Hedge to emphasize that Saudi Arabia is clearly not a very good friend in this fight. But the plot’s more sinister revelation is that a very large proportion of pro-ISIS tweets originate from inside the United States.

This was a huge shock to me, since I expected the muslim-immigrant rich countries of France and the UK to be the principal western sources.  Instead, the US has twice as many as the UK, and it has fully half as many as the biggest offender, Saudi Arabia.

Not only does this prove that America is already packed with ISIS sympathizers, it puts the kibosh on claims that the muslim population is overwhelmingly moderate and anti-terror.  Unlike the Iraqi tweets, for example, these US tweets are presumably coming from 100% ‘moderate’ non-militarily-active supporters.  And yet they actively support the ruthless domination and killing of people of other faiths.  Some moderates we have here.  Bite me, Barack.



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