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Fearless and Devout Catholic Christian First, Loving Husband and Father Second, Pissed-Off Patriot Third, Rocket Engineer Dork Last.
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17 Responses to Just One More Year…

    • Well, Mike, even though we’ve thrown the toasts back and forth elsewhere, I want to thank you for making sure that there’s at least a single comment, and not just crickets, on my Happy New Year post. Maybe I should keep my day job, huh? I don’t usually have a lotta time for self-pity, but I gotta admit; this is a little discouraging…

      • Mike says:

        To tell you the truth, it wears me out a little, because most of my blogging friends put up holiday posts and you don’t want to slight anybody, but after you wish them well in five or six different places, they all sort of blend together. And how many ways can you say Happy New Year? (Don’t ask me! I could probably tell you, and I’ve used them all!)

        My comment wasn’t just to see you not blanked out (although, is there extra credit if I did???), but it would be nice to see Obama perp walked, wouldn’t it?

        Looking forward to more of your creative stuff in 2016! Regards to the wife. She must be a saint! ; )

        • You definitely get extra credit, and Gruntessa is definitely a saint!

          The fact that your comment here was related to the graphic and not a NY greeting only serves to make the tally ‘zero’, and that was part of the intended snark. Seriously, you’ve thrown me plenty of comments here and elsewhere, and for that I’m grateful. The point is, otherwise, from anybody else: crickets. 😦

          Anyway, thanks again! 🙂

  1. Mike says:

    Don’t be discouraged. I was feeling pretty good about a post I did over at PCP that got over 450 hits. Pretty big stuff am I! Then I scrolled down and you had a post that went over 500.
    (Young whippersnapper! Why I oughta…). I posted the same thing at my place and got…less! It’s finally up to about 275, but it took a month! Other things I post at my place take off like gangbusters and the same post at PCP gets a “meh”. Readers can be fickle.

    One more example, then I’m calling it a night. Something truly spectacular happened at my blog October 9th. Readership, page views doubled, tripled, on a couple of days quadrupled what they had been merely a week before. And you know what it was? Neither do I!
    Either somebody started linking to my blog or something happened that send traffic through the roof. I went back to check what I had posted – nothing out of the ordinary. I’m still getting the hang of StatCounter. I might have been able to figure it out if Sitemeter hadn’t gone bonkers, but spilt milk, etc.

    Fortunately for me, a number of those people who showed up liked what they saw and have been coming back. Not as many as did on Oct. 9th, but a solid and consistent 20-40% jump in readers.
    And the bloody hell is I haven’t the foggiest clue what brought them in in those numbers.

    All I can figure is like with most other endeavors there’s a lot to be said for just showing up every day. I would love to be the next “overnight” success on the Internet. You’re familiar with Stacy McCain’s five rules to get a million hits on your blog in a year? Took me six years.

    Hang in there! You only got one comment here, but it was the key to letting me ramble on and impart my wisdom to you, Grasshopper. That and five bucks will get you a latte! Get some sleep!

    • I am not worthy of your wisdom, oh generous and wise Sensei, and I can’t even process it effectively since I haven’t had any scotch tonight! Thanks, Mike! Have a good night.

      • Mike says:

        Bow and scrape a couple more times and we’ll call it even! BTW, are you on Twitter? Do you hawk your blog posts over there like I do? After I made my last comment it occurred to me that if someone with a lot of throw weight over at Twitter took a fancy to a tweet or series of tweets I’d made, that that could explain a sudden influx of new eyeballs.

        • That’s certainly the reason for your influx. Somebody linked you on Twitter or FB. On WP, they tell us those referrals, but they often won’t show us the particular link, especially not on FB, which is frustrating. And those bastards never comment. Yesterday, one of my posts got linked somewhere on a popular FB page, and I got hundreds of hits from it, and I’m sure that was some local discussion I’d liked to have seen, but I’m locked out of it. Grrr. And zero comments here. It’s just free content for somebody else’s discussion.

          I think I misled you. I’m not in it at all for the blog success. Don’t give a hoot about hits. I’m in it for the news and social aspect. Some of the discussions with really brilliant conservatives and truly good people have been very rewarding and fascinating. Some not so conservative. I once had a long conversation with the real Mark Davis (Obama’s possible half brother via FMD) in Hawaii. Took a while to figure out who he really was, though. That was cool.

          Ironically, traffic has been surging for a while now. The one thing I don’t care about!

          Your wit in the comments is much appreciated, wherever it happens, and same goes for all the good folks in this excellent blogging community. I really enjoy that. I only get discouraged when it gets really thin, which it does periodically.

  2. …I want to thank you for making sure that there’s at least a single comment, and not just crickets, on my Happy New Year post. …

    Oh, boo hoo. Here’s a day-late pity post: Happy New Year, Grunt! 😀

    From the proprietor of Mindful Webworks, turning 20 this year and still using the slogan, the Web’s Best-Kept Secret. Must’ve had less than ten comments total, not counting the thousands of filtered-out spam. Hey, but I did get an actual comment on my Christmas YouTube post. It said, “First Comment.” Warmed my heart.

    • LOL! Thanks, Mindful! But at least I’ve been over there and told you about what a great site it was(on PN). I just couldn’t figure out how to comment! I get a ‘D’ for effort on that one, for sure. But now that you’ve made commenting easier, I’ll have to go give you some trouble! Happy new year, Brother!

      Hey! I was just over there again, and I STILL can’t figure out how to comment, you joker! 😉

      • siiigh!

        I changed from hand-tooled HTML to a “content management system” just a couple of years back. I didn’t open up for comments for a while after that, until I had a reliable spam filter service. So, when I say twenty years but less than a dozen comments, I’m, um, well, cheating.

        Because my site is more s’poseda be a frame for my “creative” works than what most folks think of as a blog, I tried to low-key the comments part of the pages. By hiding them, sort-of. Maybe I did that too effectively?

        If you see “comments” as a link down at the bottom of a page, click on it, and that should open up the comments area. You may need javascript on. I ought to go there as a “visitor” with javascript off to see what folks might be missing. Someone told me the styling was off without javascript (ended up with dark text on dark background), which shouldn’t be the case, but browsers vary. And my stylesheets are deep and complicated.

        I need to check on several things as I try to spruce up the site for the big 20, so I’ll put checking commenting on the list.

        The spammers, of course, don’t seem to have any problem finding their way in. 😦

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