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Crowder’s Gun Show Loophole Video Is Obama-Lie-Exposing Gold

Sure, it was fun watching Barack squirm at the town hall event this month when he struggled to keep a straight face as he lied profusely about how Chicagoans were loading up trucks with guns easily bought at Indiana gun … Continue reading

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NASA Remembers Challenger, Columbia in New Exhibit at KSC

Thirty years ago, today, the loss of STS-51L (Challenger) shocked the nation.  But it was not the last such loss.  Years later, STS-107 (Columbia) broke up on reentry over Texas, with all hands lost.  Since last summer, NASA has honored … Continue reading

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Never Go Full Krugman

The financial geniuses at the New York Times are puzzled over what they call the “Economic Mystery” of 2016. As Adam Davidson just put it in the New York Times Magazine, “financial experts” cannot figure out why American corporations are … Continue reading

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Broncos Battle Their Way to Super Bowl ‘L’

Denver – Blame it on the altitude.  Blame it on the Patriot’s stupid Microsoft tablets that didn’t work (LOL!).  But I think we have to give credit to the Denver Broncos for earning their upset victory over the New England … Continue reading

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The Genius of ’13 Hours’ Is in the Stories It Doesn’t Tell

Many critics of Michael Bay’s new movie claim that the story is too simple.  And they’re half right.  It is simple.  But its simplicity is also its genius.  For the politically charged Benghazi story, laying it all out would have been ruinous. … Continue reading

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But Lena Dunham’s Still Disturbed. That Part’s Still True.

Back story about how Lena Dunham might actually have a conscience, according to NY Times, here.  Cross-Posted at Political Clown Parade.

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Sunny with a Chance of Victory in Denver Today

From Jeff Legwold at ESPN: When trying to decide how things will go in a postseason game, many coaches around the league say start at quarterback and then see who has the healthiest roster at that point in the season … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Grunt Music – Sully Erna

I know, Stallone used it for the Expendables. But I’m not really into metal, and tonight requires some kind of decent “operator music” in tribute to the Benghazi Four who are on all our minds. Also, my youngest is far … Continue reading

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“13 Hours” Opened Thursday Night. Why Haven’t You Seen it Yet?

Movie review guest post by Mike at the Proof-Positive Blog. 13 Hours, as most of you know, is the true story of a handful of individuals who showed uncommon bravery in the face of a colossal security clusterflock*, at a … Continue reading

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Pizza Wars

One of the unpleasant side-effects of the ridiculous stink about Ted Cruz’ “New York values” comment has been the dredging up of the old fight about whose pizza is better, New York or Chicago or <fill in home town>. But … Continue reading

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