The French Have Plenty of Problems, But They Still Find Some Time to Mock Us for Our Shitty Presidential Candidates

And I don’t blame them, but honestly, the mocking I’m talking about is strictly good natured and welcome.
I got a very gracious email today from one of our good friends in France, known to American bloggers at HillBuzz, Conservative Treehouse, 4GFC and Weasel Zippers as “French Reader.” Madame FR has been a wonderful friend and fellow conservative over the years since Barack Obama was elected the first time. She’s provided desperately needed blogging insight into the politics in Europe and their view of our dilemmas here in the States. She’s even gone so far as to send me, and others, French language papers and articles that I devoured and used for some of the posts I wrote, mostly around the time of the 2012 elections.

So, I was delighted to get a very kind Happy New Year message from FR this morning – in French – and happy to respond. She also sardonically wished us all a better 2016 than the horrible 2015 has clearly been, and gave me a little gentle crap about getting used to Madame Hillary Clinton being the next President, and how that’s going to suck. I really hope she doesn’t know something we don’t, because we still hold out hope that one of our challengers will be able to beat back the Hillary Cash Juggernaut and live to tell about it. We hope… Thanks, and Happy New Year on the Continent, FR!


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11 Responses to The French Have Plenty of Problems, But They Still Find Some Time to Mock Us for Our Shitty Presidential Candidates

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hillary as president scares the crap out of me.

  2. frenchreader says:

    It is kind of you to remember our history of exchanging ideas/comments ! Actually, we have been blessed with the birth of three grand-children over the last months which has kept me away from thinking too much about the terrible mess we are in. I have been reading various blogs from a list at 4gfc (previous). I saw that Ménagerie and Solaratov are still around, nice. I see sometimes comments by barnslayer at wz. But I NEVER comment anymore, considering our own very gross political team that tries to drive France to the very end of its history…..

    As a matter of fact, Geert Wilders (Dutch politician) made a speech in New York in 2012 ; “Lights are going out in Europe”. We are exactly at it.

    To you all, enjoy what you have where you have it.

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