Some Deep Perspective on the Latest Fascist Federal Shakedown in Oregon

As a nearly lifelong westerner, a resident of a state that’s 36% Federal BLM land, an ex-cowboy and a guy who’s slightly embarrassed to have had a job title of “conservationist” at one time, I enthusiastically endorse Stefan Molyneux’s video on this latest Feds-against-the-People crisis. He actually provides a lot of background on the history of U.S. Federal land grabs and how it’s getting much worse under the current administration. You can skip the part at the end, if you like, about the nightmarish Agenda 21 stuff, but we need to start worrying about that eventually.

But the most important reason to watch this is that Molyneux points out explicitly how ARMED RESISTANCE IS NOT INHERENTLY ILLEGITIMATE. If you are one of those people who automatically dismiss the militia members who supported the Hammond family against a faceless and corrupt federal agency, because they might be breaking a law, somewhere, then you have lost sight of how this country was founded. And then, yes, you would be a fucktard. And you should never go full fucktard.

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6 Responses to Some Deep Perspective on the Latest Fascist Federal Shakedown in Oregon

  1. solaratov says:

    OK…This right here is funny…I don’t care who you are……

    H/T Lisa Lane 😉

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