Brace for More Classy Wheelchair Jokes from Democrats

…Now that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has bravely endorsed Mark Levin’s call for a Constitutional Convention of the States.
Mere hours from yesterday’s announcement by the Texas governor that he would support Mark Levin’s vision for a Convention of the States, Jezebel called him “bananas.”  Surely that will not be the worst mocking that will come from American leftists, opponents of states’ rights and other esteemed members of the press (like the ones who compulsively referred to the location of the Hammond Family spectacle as “East Bumf*ck Oregon”), over the next few days.

After all, Gov. Abbott was not the only one shocked during his last campaign when he was openly mocked by his opponent and others for being a cripple.  Nothing makes Democrats blush, it seems.  And in this case, it’s absolutely certain that they will resort to primarily this kind of attacks.  Why?  Because it’s all they have to combat champions of the same Constitution that they, themselves, used to appreciate so much.

Read more at Breitbart about the governor’s proposed solution for the States to take back their legal rights from a bloated federal government, and his proposed amendments to the US Constitution that could help prevent future power usurpations.


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2 Responses to Brace for More Classy Wheelchair Jokes from Democrats

  1. woodsterman says:

    According to liberals, “Cripples” are only good for stealing great parking spots.

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