Pizza Wars

One of the unpleasant side-effects of the ridiculous stink about Ted Cruz’ “New York values” comment has been the dredging up of the old fight about whose pizza is better, New York or Chicago or <fill in home town>.


But the best part about it was hearing Dana Perino shut everybody down on the Fox show, The Five, today, when she made it clear that the only good pizza in the whole country is the mountain pizza found in Colorado, originally just in Idaho Springs, where it is still enjoyed by grateful skiers and locals alike on the main route between Denver and the Summit County ski areas.  It’s called Beau Jo’s Pizza.  Ms. Perino would know, because she is from Parker, Colorado, that place where my butt is parked at this very moment.  And she’s absolutely right.

Besides, judging from how thin-skinned New Yorkers are about the deal, and how quick idiots like Geraldo are to call racism over it, and also how basically nothing good can possibly come from Rahm Emanual’s town, just about anybody’s home town can claim bragging rights on this one.  But here, Dana gets my vote.


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6 Responses to Pizza Wars

  1. Adrienne says:

    The best pizza in North Idaho comes right out of my kitchen. Period!

  2. Hello Grunt, I’ve got to interject here…as a former resident of Colorado….now in Kansa where they think pizza hut is good?….when you’re in Denver/Wheat Ridge there is but one choice…Pietras, 44th and Garrison….order the super, you’ll be very happy… another place is The Edgewater Inn, 25th and Sheridan….Pizza is great, but the calzones might be better…

    • Oooooohhhh. Good advice, Gruff! Thanks!!! We have an awesome little Italian place here in Parker owned by a couple of Sicilian brothers that makes my very favorite pizza, and the calzones are even better, so I know what you mean about those being a step above pizza. But I’ll try out those other two.

      Sorry about your current strandedness from civilization. One thing you might try, if you’re desperate. Godfathers pizza (Herman Cain’s old job) is actually pretty good. Better than Pizza Slut, for sure. If you’re too far west to go to the ones in Overland Park or Manhattan, try the little truck stop Godfather’s in Nebraska on I-80 just north of the border from western KS. I’m not kidding. Their pizza is just fine. I just don’t remember the town name. Unfortunately, it’s probably a fair haul from your place, too.

      • LOL…yeah, the closest Godfathers is 70 miles….I’m practicing my pizza dough again….import some good toppings and I think I’ll be like Adrienne and make the best pizza around here…Pietras will not disappoint…I’d tell you to tell them that you know me, but they’ve probably already forgotten me….who knew that good pizza could be a real victory…..

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