Broncos Battle Their Way to Super Bowl ‘L’

Denver – Blame it on the altitude.  Blame it on the Patriot’s stupid Microsoft tablets that didn’t work (LOL!).  But I think we have to give credit to the Denver Broncos for earning their upset victory over the New England Patriots that won them a spot at Super Bowl 50.


A brutal defensive battle all afternoon, it was a fight that saw the mighty Patriots offense – and the unstoppable Tom Brady – shut down so effectively that they trailed Denver every second of the entire game.

Denver quarterback Peyton Manning struggled to score 20 points against the powerful NE defensive teams (final 20-18), and was, in fact, outperformed by Brady in passing and total yards, prevailing with a better rushing game.  But it was the Broncos defensive players who won the day.  They didn’t take it easy on Brady, either.  He was only sacked 4 times, but he felt it more than the older Manning did with his 3 sacks.  In the second quarter, the CBS cameras made it a point to zoom in on Brady’s very bloody left forearm and heavily grass-stained jersey.

The Broncos will now play the winner of the NFC Championship game, the Carolina Panthers, at Super Bowl ‘L’ at Santa Clara, California, on February 7.


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3 Responses to Broncos Battle Their Way to Super Bowl ‘L’

  1. proof says:

    Someone is going to get the “L” knocked out of them in Santa Clara in two weeks!

    • Right! This will always be Super Bowl ‘L’ for me. And in this case, it might stand for ‘Levi’ Stadium in Santa Clara. Isn’t that now your official 49er field, Mike? Or do they have another stadium up the peninsula?

      • proof says:

        the ‘Stick is stuck. I don’t know what they’re going to do with it. Probably turn it into condos.
        Yep. Levi is the official stadium of the 2015 Slacks.

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