Election Commentary of the Year: From Dianny on Biden

Fact Check Analysis: TRUE.

Now, as a woman I can say this. When you put a bunch of ideologically-driven feminists in charge of an election, they are going to bullox it up like you won’t believe. They are so blinded by their desire to elect the “first woman President,” those harpies of the DNC have lost all reason (not that they had the firmest grasp on reason to begin with).

After all, this is the same brain-trust who believed Wendy Davis would be the Great Blue Hope of turning Texas Democrat. You’d think they would have learned their lesson after the radical feminist, pro-abortion Davis got her ass and her little pink sneakers handed to her in a humiliating defeat.

But no. They doubled-down in 2016 and forced on voters the single worst Presidential candidate in the history of the universe for no other reason [than] her vagina.

I mean, just how bad is Hillary Clinton that they would think that Joe Biden — the stupidest man on Planet Earth — is their only hope for victory in 2016?

Have all the buyer’s remorse you want, boys. There is no way in hell these radical feminist hags of the DNC are going to let Joe anywhere near that Convention.

Read the whole analysis in “Here he comes to save the day,” at the Patriot Retort.


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