New Hampshire Results Starting to Trickle In


This just in… Due to bizarre DNC rules, reported here by the Daily Caller, Hillary may actually leave New Hampshire with more delegates than Bernie Sanders, even though she lost the popular caucus vote by a landslide.  Read more here.




Keep in mind that these results are extremely preliminary as reported by Fox News with only 1% reporting. The numbers, however, are correct. So far, so good, on the Democrat numbers.

The Republican numbers are being re-analyzed, since they show John Kasich at 24%, and that’s assumed to be a technical error.

UPDATE:  Frank Luntz’s focus group is warming up.



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15 Responses to New Hampshire Results Starting to Trickle In

  1. solaratov says:

    This is a fun little video. Enjoy……


  2. solaratov says:

    We are doomed, people! D.O.O.M.E.D., I’m tellin’ yahs!


  3. Wait — Gromit is running for the nomination? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

  4. Howdy, Grunt!
    Have you seen what happened to HotAir?
    They changed over to using Facebook as their commenting system, and practically all of their old commenters shifted to one of the commenter’s blogs, rebranded as

    • LOL! Unintended consequences, eh? Things have sure changed over there since the days when Michelle Malkin was there. Great to see you, RP! Everybody doing ok over at your place? I’ve thought about the RP crew often, as I’ve been passing through your neck of the Eastern states often on business lately. Sorry I haven’t been stopping by, but I’ve mainly screaming to the airport, dropping off rental cars and catching planes. Thanks for the comment, Buddy!

      • I think of you often, too. My crew is doing well. My oldest is now an Eagle Scout. All are healthy and kids are doing well in school. I’m very thankful.

        • Excellent! Congratulations on the Eagle! That’s something my boys will never accomplish, now that my youngest turned 18, and it was a little painful for me, since I’m an Eagle, myself. However, when my youngest dropped out to focus on Police Explorers and then became a Poolie in preparation for becoming a US Marine, that made me feel a little better! But my hearty compliments on your oldest and his permanent accomplishment! You’re doing something right, Dad! 🙂

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