Sometimes You Just Gotta Call the Theory Ugly

This morning, over at the Last Refuge, aka The Conservative Treehouse, the Proprietor-Lord Sundance was justly celebrating the demise of the Jeb! Campaign.  And so he should.  The backroom, stogie-chomping, establishment gurus (GOPe) who pushed a clearly unwilling and unenthusiastic Jeb Bush into running as their puppet deserved to be defeated.  They have corrupted conservatism and ruined the Republican Party for far too long.

But one thing that seems to have passed unnoticed is the additional demise of the glorious “Splitter Theory” that Sundance concocted while soaking in his hot tub in Florida, drinking a few too many Sam Adams, and letting the temperature get a little too high for human brain health.  This is the same theory that got Sundance recognized by Doug Ross just a few months ago in his “Fabulous 50” Awards, and coat-tailed an additional award for his mostly unknown 1st lieutenant and pitbull, YTZ2Mee, and her blog, “StopShouting,” for no particular reason other than that Sundance probably asked him to.


I’m not going to post any links.  Sorry.  I wouldn’t even go over there, frankly.  You’d eventually get banned, anyway, like all the rest of us.

But it’s worth remembering the “Splitter Theory,” not so much for the core idea that the GOPe would attempt to split and manipulate the delegates in order to get Jeb! nominated.  That much is true and obvious to anyone with a brain.

No, the cool thing about Sundance’s Splitter Theory is that he presented it as a complex calculation that only he could devise, consisting of a series of dozens of key events that only he could foresee and that were miraculously verified as being triggered only by him.  Revealed as they were by the Mind of Sundance, these triggered events proved that there was literally nothing that anybody could do to prevent the inevitable: the crowning of Jeb! as the GOP nominee, no matter what.  Basically, all you could do, dear reader, was to sit back and continue to read another thrilling episode of the Sundance Show.  Because, that was kinda the whole point, after all.

Well, it didn’t really happen like that, did it?  But somebody should pause for a few minutes today to mock this particular buffoon and his idiotic theory, because he’s already moved on to his next hard-sell, which is the demonization of Ted Cruz and the coronation of his preferred candidate, Donald Trump.

Is there anything wrong with that?  Mostly, no.  Trump’s not a horrible candidate.  But Cruz is a far better one, and so far, Sundance’s demonization campaign against the worthy Senator Cruz has been mostly fabricated from whole cloth.  That’s usually the way that Mr. Treehouse operates, and that, dear readers, is a very, very bad thing.

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14 Responses to Sometimes You Just Gotta Call the Theory Ugly

  1. Adrienne says:

    First off – I pay little to no attention to the bloggers who have picked their “hero” and will say anything to demean the other candidates. That includes Doug Ross. I’ve lost a lot of respect for him over the past year. About 50% of the “Fabulous Fifty” blogs are crap. StillShouting? You got to be kidding me.

    And, yes, you’re absolutely right about Sundance and his “Splitter Theory™.”

    American Thinker is another one that’s hit the skids. Their comboxes are full of trolls and nonsense.

    I’m down to just a few people I even bother to read or listen to anymore (you’re one of them.)

    • Well, I’m not much of a ‘source’ really. I’m only good for a few opinions a year. But I hear that Adrienne’s Corner is VERY reliable. I always enjoy what she has to say. 🙂 And I know what you mean about AmThinker. They’re still awesome, but slipping, it seems.

    • A, I was wondering if you knew of another blog you frequent that you trust. Asking for a friend.

      • Not sure when she might be back to respond to this, but I distinctly heard her say that she adores all Robert Stacy McCain-related blogs that promote the Alabama Crimson Tide and mock Obama, EXCEPT for that one where the proprietrix, named Claymation or Curfluffle or something, ran off with Bill Whittle to Bermuda during her last vacation. Apparently, this got her pretty jealous, since she’s got the hots for Bill W. Hope that helps. 😉

      • Adrienne says:

        Not sure how I missed this, PCP. My apologies. I have 243 blogs in my Feedly, and another 30 or so news sites in my bookmarks. That number has been significantly reduced over the past year. I used to have over 400 blogs in my Feedly.

        I don’t trust all of them. Actually, if I read somethings that holds interest for me, I will still research and vet what I’ve read. Since I’ve embarked on a very deep study of logic, I try to apply the principles I’m learning to what I read.

        I tend to trust blogs like this one because you’re not dealing with hysterics or crazies (okay – not so sure about the crazy part.)

        As for Stacy McCain? I’ve always found him to be a brilliant writer – one of the best on the web.

        And……………………… for you running off to Bermuda with Bill Whittle? My Christian sense tells me to forgive you, however the rest of me is in mourning and is planning to kill you 😉 Having met him in person and having had quite a long conversation with him, I can say with some certainty that he very, very sexy in person. And tall!

        From now on, when I comment here I will click on the “notify me of new comments” box so as to not leave someone hanging. Again – sorry.

        • Adrienne says:

          And – you’ve given me a good idea for a post. Thanks!

          • Adrienne says:

            And………..I should have mentioned that you’re on the top of list for reliable blogs. I guess I should have started off with that, but I thought it would be understood. I love you,

            May I mention that I have not been well? This may be TMI (so embarrassing) , but I’ve been battling a UTI for the past few weeks which has sent me to a doctor for the first time in at least 5 years. Antibiotics are doing the job, supplemented by cranberry juice, uvi ursi, and kidney supplements.


            • Sorry you’ve been under the weather, but also glad to learn that you are on the mend. Don’t let Grunt’s “creative license” over at PCP generate jealousy. The next time Bill W and I slip away we’ll invite you as well. His stories by the cabana are always pithy, a laugh-a-minute, if you will.

              In fact we’re headed to the Islands over the Easter Weekend and Proof and Grunt will again be given the keys to the liquor cabinet. If you can get free that’ll give Grunt something to flaps his lips about.

              (Grunt, if you’re reading this, the Hummels are locked away in the gun safe along with the “good liquor”)

              Take care A. Feel better soon.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Yay! Easter break party.

    • So, both you ladies will be in Bermuda with Bill over Easter, and Proof and I will be stuck here with no good liquor and nothing to shoot at except for squirrels? Gruntessa was right. I need to find a new job!

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