Go Home Twitter; You’re Drunk

Has Twitter Finally Screwed the Pooch?


Full-blown Social Justice War has been brewing at Twitter-Incorporated for some time. It heated up considerably a few weeks ago when they hired controversial feminist Anita Sarkeesian to head up their freshly-minted, Orwellian-named “Trust and Safety Council.” It became rapidly clear that this was no mere token effort as Twitter immediately followed up this action by banning well-known conservative voices, and partially disabling the accounts of others in the name of “safety.”

One of the first to fall, at least temporarily, was British anti-feminist Milo Yiannopoulos. Friday, Conservative blogger and noted feminism critic, Robert Stacy McCain also found his account disabled, prompting supporters to mount a #FreeStacy campaign. Apparently, though, Twitter has taken no action to disable certain liberal hate sites, like one intriguingly named @KillDonaldTrump.


But, it may already be too late to save Twitter from their latest foolishness. They seem to have dug in, and conservatives are now asking if the monopoly of left-leaning social media has become too repulsive and anti-freedom to be tolerated any longer.

An excellent discussion about these developing events can be found in today’s Federalist article by Robert Tracinski.

UPDATE:  Anita Sarkeesian responds via Evil Blogger Lady.
“There is not a shred of truth about me being involved in “shadowbanning” and driving my critics off Twitter, and if you disagree that is a manifestation of your misogyny and you deserve what you get!”

Anita's Twitter Trust and Safety Council

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