Plenty Valenti and the Mystery of “Bernie Bro” Sexism


These actual accusations can be found in this bewildering Vox piece that the real Jessica Valenti re-tweeted and totally agreed with, expressing no shame whatsoever.  First three Plenty Valenti episodes here, here and here.  Cross-Posted at Political Clown Parade.


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15 Responses to Plenty Valenti and the Mystery of “Bernie Bro” Sexism

  1. Hardnox says:

    The other side really does whine a lot. What would they do if a real crisis occurred? I imagine bridge jumping would be all the rage.

    I posted this the other day:

    The scary part is these asshats will be in charge within 30 years if there isn’t an abrupt change in our culture.

    • Adrienne says:

      Glenn Beck has also been whining about how “mean” Trump supporters are. When did he get taken over by pod people?

      Glad you two have met, Hardnox. Two of the finest men I know.

    • We’re terrified that those asshats are already numerous enough to elect Bernie this time. I actually pray Hillary gets (steals) the nomination so that we don’t have to face that.

      • Hardnox says:

        Bernie won’t get the nomination unless Hildabeast goes to prison. Even then the Dims will dust off Biden who is already warming the bench. She’s already got the deck stacked with pledged Super Delegates that she’s bought off. The Dim primaries are nothing more than Kabuki theater. It ain’t gonna happen for Bernie Sandernista.

        The problem as you point out is the support coming from the asshats for a communist.

        If the R’s can’t beat a commie and an unindicted socialist this go around we might as well pack it in. We are totally screwed.

  2. Adrienne says:

    What women are too stupid to realize is that until “feminism” women had most of the power. I’m not talking about property rights, voting, or equal pay. I’m talking about man/women relationships. Women have been reduced to sperm repositories for randy men.

    • And it hasn’t made them any happier. And in America, especially, studies indicate both men and women are far more miserable than practically anywhere else but Japan. And more unhappy than in decades past. Whatever we’re doing, we’re doing it wrong.

  3. woodsterman says:

    That pot is a real turn on!

  4. Hardnox says:

    Y’all need to check out Funny Friday at my place. Be sure to post your joke du jour.

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