Obama Proclaims March “Women’s Superiority Month”

This is not satire; I’m just reporting the news.  The following are the first two paragraphs of the President’s official proclamation this morning.  I’ve begun to really look forward to these every month.  The title indicates that the month is dedicated to “Women’s History,” but in fact, no history is mentioned except to memorialize hypothetical women “not recorded in our history books.”  Perhaps ours are Common Core history books.  Rather, every sentence of the statement declares the inherent superiority of women to … the alternative.  Note especially the second line of the second paragraph:


Did you catch that?  Women have “prove[d] they were capable of doing all that a man could do and more,…”  So, women are exactly equal to men except that … they’re better.  Isn’t that what this says?  That’s pretty impressive!  We should proclaim all 12 no… 14 months of the year in honor of these superhuman creatures.  But I’m only partly kidding.  I know lots of women, like my wife, who are superhuman.  Though she rarely goes around claiming to be better than every man on the planet.  Even Sally Kohn claims that it’s only the white men who are sub-human pigs.



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2 Responses to Obama Proclaims March “Women’s Superiority Month”

  1. Hardnox says:

    Btw, is that your wife on the grocery porch railing? Just wondering. 🙂

    King Putt is such a douche. What would he know about women? He’s gay and married to a tranny. Just ask Joan Rivers.. oh yeah, she’s dead. Funny how she died shortly after blurting that nugget out.

    It’s amazing that the left gets away with division politics while denigrating those that really deserve it… like REAL women (who I absolutely adore). The left has been all about women’s rights like abortion on demand, destroying the family, destroying respect towards women by demanding that men act like nancy girls. Now a decent woman can’t find a real guy, and little girls never learn how to be treated by men when they grow up.

    It will take generations to repair the mess that remains in the wake of the left once they are purged from our landscape.

    • Absolutely. All Barack knows is how to divide people, pitting every possible group against each other. His tranny wife is quite the piece of work, too. I don’t know where they rented those kids.

      Quick story: One of our blogging brothers and good friend of mine (4gfcinthatorder), who unfortunately died of cancer a year or so ago, grew up on Oahu and played high school baseball against Punahu Academy. He remembers one game, in particular, where Barry Obama (who played outfield for Punahu) got chased around the field after the game by one of the bigger guys because he was known as a homosexual and a coke-head. Big surprise, huh?

      No, the gal on the railing isn’t Gruntessa, but only because I can’t get her to wear a bikini. She’ll run around in the woods naked like a mountain nymph, though she’ll deny it, but she’s hard to get a picture of.

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