Just One of the Reasons I Still Think There’s a Place For Condition 3 Carry


No, I’m not AFRAID of shooting my dick off.  I’ve already had all the kids I’m probably gonna have.  No, I’m not AFRAID of negligent discharge.  Discipline and practice is essential no matter who you are and how you carry.  But in my judgment, in most carry situations, having a Glock-type gun in your pants that cannot be de-cocked with a round in the chamber and nothing but a trigger safety is stupid.  At least with those types of pistols, condition 3 makes sense to me.  I never want my firearm to be ready to fire until it’s in FRONT of me.  If that means I lose a gun fight by 0.5 seconds, then so be it.

I realize I’m apparently the only one on the planet who thinks this way, so please don’t comment just to inform me of that fact.  Otherwise, persuasion is welcome, as always.


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6 Responses to Just One of the Reasons I Still Think There’s a Place For Condition 3 Carry

  1. Hardnox says:


    That’s why I carry a .45 in 1911. Screw the Glocks. They’re scary. A 1911 may only have 8 rounds but at least I can use it as a hammer on an enemy if empty PLUS I only need to hit the bad guy ONCE with a .45.

    Funny story… every year for the last 25 years I have a shoot here at the ranch. It’s invitation only. Some guys bring a pre-approved buddy. It’s WWIII here for the better part of a day. All participants are former and active duty military (mostly Marines) and former and active duty Leo (regular & feds). In other words, guys with a shitload of firearms experience. Long story short… there are 35 of us under a canopy eating good grub and chatting while it’s raining, then of course there’s this 5 combat tour “Army” vet (guest) farting around with his Glock that is in his side holster. His buddy (a Marine) says WTF are you doing? TWICE. Sure enough it goes off and the dumb bastard shoots himself in the calf. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank God and luckily no one else was hurt. He’s ok now but he’s not allowed back. LOL.

    Those Glocks are scary. I love my 1911’s.

    • Great story, Nox! I know everybody swears by ’em, but they give me the heebie jeebies. Reason I’m writing about this is that we own one now, for the first time. It’s not actually a Glock; it’s a Walther PPS, but it’s pretty much the same. Cocked all the time with no real safety, ready to go off if you stare at it the wrong way. I think they’re fine, as long as they’re in condition 3 while in your pocket. That’s all. But, of course, a 1911 with the hammer back and the safety snapped up or something else with hammer down in double action is perfectly fine with me.

  2. Chana says:

    when grandad got out of the scrap iron in normandy (tank commander) the first thing he did was chuck his carbine and pilfer a german make .45 from someone. Told me that he spent the rest of the war raiding dead germans for ammunition. (as I recall he still had it years later. Don’t know what happened to it in more recent years. My dad also loved .45s) (yitzchak)

    • Nice war story, Yitzchak! I can definitely imagine a tank commander being fond of his .45 during the push through Normandy. BTW, I got your email about your situation in Israel. I’ve not had a chance to respond, but I see the dilemmas. I have to add that with North Korea literally threatening to nuke Washington, DC, things are not really good for peace of mind in either of our locations.

  3. woodsterman says:

    It’s OK, mine grew back.

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