Obama Takes Anti-Semitism to New Level: Asks Netanyahu to Visit Washington on Same Day Kim Jong Un Promises to Nuke It


Just hours ago, on Monday, the US State Department announced that they are taking North Korean threats seriously in the latest escalation of tensions.  Their leader, Kim Jong Un, has actually ordered his country to prepare a pre-emptive nuclear strike “of justice” on Washington, DC.  That’s fun news by itself.

But it’s even more fun that US President Obama chose this time to ask Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit Washington to meet with him.  According to Israeli News sources, that’s not going to happen.

Perhaps the Israeli PM figured that he could just as easily get hit by a rocket fired by some lunatic in his home country.  No need to go to Washington for that.  Besides, there’s the risk that Obama will forget about the meeting and be playing golf in Florida when he arrives, anyway.


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9 Responses to Obama Takes Anti-Semitism to New Level: Asks Netanyahu to Visit Washington on Same Day Kim Jong Un Promises to Nuke It

  1. Adrienne says:

    He loves to think he can order other world leaders around. What a pig. November can’t come soon enough.

  2. Hardnox says:

    If the meeting actually occurs I wonder if Batears will have Netanyahu exit out the back door that lined with trash cans again. The classless POS is beyond disgusting. Further, what would Bibi gain by visiting in the first place? Batears is lame duck and sent his operatives to Israel to organize a campaign against his reelection. More than likely this is just a photo-op.

    Like Adrienne wrote, “November can’t come soon enough”. I’m counting the days to January 20, 2017 when we get an American loving POTUS (Trump or Cruz) sworn in.

    • You hit it right there. He’s on his way out. Bibi cannot forget him fast enough. He will meet with the successor, whoever that may be. Hopefully, not Hillary. Good, God, could you imagine? Israelis would be so screwed if OBlowMe is followed up by that Palestinian-coddling old crone.

      • Hardnox says:

        I can’t even imagine that witch in Our House. This country would be done then. Game over. If Hildabeast escapes prosecution this go around given the mountain of evidence against her then we effectively have no law in this country.

        • I think we got to that point when people started noticing that Democrats never go to jail. For anything. Nixon? Resigned. Nixon’s henchmen? Jail. Ted Kennedy? Bill Clinton? Koskinen? Lerner? Pretty much every Democrat politician in the last 40 years? Nothing.

          • Hardnox says:

            Right you are.

            Here’s the latest on the Bibi meeting just heard on the radio: Evidently there was no meeting scheduled in the first place. The Israeli Ambassador was unoffically asked if Bibi could come for a visit. Bibi declined unofficially because he doesn’t want to get sucked into the GOP primary with the candidates. Now the admin is claiming that Bibi canceled the meeting.

            Bottom line: this thing was contrived to make Bibi look bad.

            Amazing isn’t it, that we have such assholes at the highest levels?

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