Feminists Make Horrible Comediennes, But They Can Still Be Funny


Look, say what you want about performers like Amy Shumer, Kathy Griffin, Amy Pohler, Lena Dunham, Tina Fey.  Maybe you like their humor.  Personally, I think they stink on ice.  Perpetually.  If I could write a check for $10,000 and never have to watch Amy Shumer mouth another pandering vowel about gun control on some TV spot, I would probably jump at the chance.

But that’s not the world we live in.  We are force fed these ‘funny girls’ because somebody thinks it’s good for us, and that’s not likely to change.  We should be the ones complaining.  But no; they want us to know how HARD IT IS for them.  Like in this interview in Town & Country Magazine described by Breitbart where Tina Fey talks about how hard it is for women in comedy now.  And it’s not their fault!  It’s us.  Meaning us men.  Because, you know… Patriarchy.

I especially like this gem by Fey:  “If you were to really look at it, the boys are still getting more money for a lot of garbage, while the ladies are hustling and doing amazing work for less.”  So, Tina wants us to think that her charming vagina jokes in movies like Date Night are not garbage?  Apparently.  And she’s not the worst purveyor of classless labia-gazing by far.  I won’t even go there.  I just ate.

But that’s not to say that feminists can’t be funny.  Drop below the fold for some examples.










Ok, that last one wasn’t funny.  It was just awesome.  Like this picture of Sally Kohn trying to figure out why her ‘daughter’ (donated to her and her lesbian ‘wife’ by some government) has chosen to be “boy crazy” when she got to middle school age.  Some people just can’t be made to see the better way, Sally.  It’s not your fault.  That’s reality.  You can try it sometime, if you want.  It’s scary, I know, but it can be wonderful.


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5 Responses to Feminists Make Horrible Comediennes, But They Can Still Be Funny

  1. Hardnox says:

    Honestly, the insanity of feminazis needs to be taken as a joke… because it is.

  2. Behind every feminist there’s a man who disappointed her. (I speak as a former feminist who finally came to her senses about forty years ago.)

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