No One Seems to Know Why a Top Putin Advisor Was Brutally Murdered in His DC Hotel a Few Months Ago

In our nation’s capital where, increasingly, no one seems to be in charge, a brutal murder of a Russian official was covered up and reported as a “heart attack,” just four months ago.  We now know, as reported by the Wall Street Journal yesterday, that the death of Mikhail Lesin in the Dupont Circle Hotel was due to a violent attack involving “blunt force trauma” to his head and body in a way that must have resulted in a very messy and bloody scene in his hotel room.  Nonetheless, both US and Russian sources initially reported the death as “natural.”


We know very little about Mikhail Lesin except that he was an executive at Gazprom-Media and had been a top advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Why he was murdered, by whom and why he was in Washington, DC, at all, is a mystery.  Even more troubling, perhaps, is why the murder was so compulsively and completely covered up for four months.

This is no small thing.  The nation is still recovering from the unexpected death of its most conservative and controversial Supreme Court Justice, whose death was reported to be from “natural causes.”  Are we to become a nation where we expect to always be lied to about such deaths?  Have we already?  Read more about this at Zero Hedge.


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