Sunday Spring Post



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Fearless and Devout Catholic Christian First, Loving Husband and Father Second, Pissed-Off Patriot Third, Rocket Engineer Dork Last.
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28 Responses to Sunday Spring Post

  1. Terry says:

    What a beautiful picture ! It has inspired my poetic side


    Soon Spring Will Be Sprung
    And The Flowers All Risen
    Shan’t Be Long ‘Til Trump
    Makes The White House His’n

  2. Mike says:

    Terry inspired me:
    “There’s beauty in the North and East,
    There’s beauty in the West and South.
    Donald Trump needs more than tulips
    to talk out of both sides of his mouth!”

    • Terry says:

      FAIL ! Yo mama so fat….

      Tho Ted Cruz has dreams
      Of the White House he fancies
      He’ll only get a sniff
      If President Trump stops and smells the pansies

      • Mike says:

        “Yo mama” jokes? Really? How can anyone stand against so formidable a wit as that??

        Soon Trump will go
        the way of things
        Trump magazines and Steaks.
        Receive rewards
        so worthy of
        the charlatans and fakes.

      • Don’t let him intimidate you, Terry. He’s a little obsessed right now. Four of his last five posts at his place were about Trump. I don’t even write that much about boobs! 😉

        • Mike says:

          Trust me! If Cruz said as many stupid things during the campaign or as many contradictory things over the course of the last twenty years, he’d get equal time!

          As to your “statistics”, it was five out of the last ten or more: Three quotes of what people are saying about Trump, one news story breaking today, and a video Hal Holbrook as Mark Twain telling a convoluted story that reminded me of a Trump speech I had just seen.

          Tell you what, if Trump stays out of the news for the next month, I promise I won’t make a single comment about him, or write him any new poems.

          • That’s asking a lot! How about you just keep using your good judgment, as always, and I consider my point made?

          • Just as I concede your point to have been well made.

          • You win, Mike. You’re not obsessed at all. Forget I said anything.

          • Terry says:

            You WISH Trump would stay out of the news.

            For violence at his rallies
            On Trump, Cruz lays blame
            But in truth he’s just mad
            Because his own backing is so lame

            He’d love to be the one
            Who draws such a tally
            But in fact his numbers
            Are down in the valley

            • Mike says:

              “You WISH Trump would stay out of the news” No. It was an oblique way of telling Grunt that I comment on Trump because he’s in the news. A lot. Next time I’ll do ‘Closed Captioning for the Humor Impaired’ so you can keep up.

              Ted Cruz has argued before the US Supreme Court. Forgive me if I trust his interpretation of “natural born citizen” more than the Birthers, or Donald Trump (but I repeat myself!).

              I’ll leave you the sandbox now. Play, declare victory…just don’t eat the Tootsie Rolls.

        • Terry says:

          I’m just gettin’ warmed up Grunt.
          (uh…where’s the articles on boobs ?)

        • Terry says:

          Grunt, I’ve just been through a month long battle on ‘that other blog’ against 3 Texans and a slew of the CruzAiders. 2 of them were the blogs authors. They resigned. I’m still standing.

          Mike’s got nothin’ !

          • Hey, just ’cause I tried to dampen down things a little don’t mean I’m on your side completely. I actually started out completely on Mike’s side against Trump and for Cruz. And that goes for Hardnox, too. I’ve pretty much agreed with him. I have recently migrated over quite a ways, but I’m not a true Trumptista yet, even though Cruz recent jump in the tub with radicals has me plenty pissed.

            Anyway, Mike, I’m sorry I shushed yah! You two have at it. I’m out of the fray! In fact, I’ll be in the garage, too, watching Katee! 😉

            • Terry says:

              I didn’t mean to imply that you were on my side, Grunt. I really don’t need help with Mike’s ilk.
              I was actually a YUUUGE Cruz supporter myself once. I thought he was going to be Our Nation’s savior. Then I really started to look at him closely, and didn’t like what I was finding out.

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