An Easter Monday Psalm

Because I’m not done with Easter.  And God’s not done with us.

If you get the “Must play on YouTube” message, just click the link and go directly to YouTube to listen.  It’s worth it.  Trust me.  BTW, Chana and Yitzchak, though the images are Christian, the words are Psalm, and the melody is very universal and ancient, I think.  One of my very favorites.  You might like it.


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4 Responses to An Easter Monday Psalm

  1. Adrienne says:

    Happy Easter Monday, Grunt.

  2. Chana says:

    not yet passover (used to be you guys celebrated easter on the sunday after passover, given that the origional last supper was on passover night, and was actually JC’s seder with his students (and probably a selection of their wives and or close family where applicable, when you offered the paschal lamb you had to finish the whole thing, so you usually brought it in large groups) but then one of the popes said that christians shouldn’t be depending on local jews for the date easter, so they made their own rules.)

    hope you enjoyed the holiday, and eating meat after lent. (there were once places where christians ate only bread and water all lent)

    as for the video, we’ll watch it. (yitzchak)

    • I just liked that Psalm set to that particular arrangement and melody. I didn’t mean to tie it to Passover, necessarily, but you raise an interesting point about the divergence of the calendars. I never knew! I always thought the Christian Easter was absolutely tied to Passover week, which doesn’t start for you until after the next lunar cycle, but I didn’t know the history of the disputes that seem to have put ours on the previous new moon. The whole thing was controversial, apparently, but I didn’t know of it.

      Thanks for pointing that out, Yitzchak! It’s especially interesting to me, since I work with different astronomical calendars. I had always thought the Easter reckoning to be one of the things that still tied us together. Now, I guess only partially so. Bummer.

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