Malice in Blunderland: As Our Grip on Reality Fails, the Evil Queen Prevails and Our Last Hope Derails

This week, the conservative nation is obsessed with three meaningless political diversions and no one knows why.  But each drive us relentlessly toward a Madame President in November.  The Cruz campaign is paralyzed by a National Enquirer article about nothing based on nothing. The Trump campaign battles to resist being demonized by a Breitbart reporter with very sensitive skin and both kinds of abortion activists seemingly united in butthurt over an unremarkable and uncontroversial Trump statement about abortion law.

Division and rancor is the order of the day, and the Evil Queen sits in her ice palace, quietly cackling in satisfaction to herself, as we all lose our minds.  Because the conservative pundit class seems to have lost its grip on reality.

The crazy thing I can’t seem to accept is that our favorite British Yankeephile Piers Morgan seems to be one of the few seeing these issues objectively.  Piers has been a font of wisdom lately about all these issues, here on the abortion scandal when Trump dared to imply that IF abortion were made illegal, there might be some punishment involved.


But I’d like to focus on the Michelle Fields scandal, because it drives me to despair more than any of the three events.  Ms. Fields is a reporter, but she can’t seem to keep from habitually straying into the lucrative attention whore and grievance industry.


After looking over the so-called, smoking gun video of Ms. Fields grabbing Trump and then getting an apparent arm-grab from his campaign manager, Morgan concluded thusly:


And objectively, I think anyone not already a hardened, flaming Trump-hater would agree with him.  This was a sham from the beginning.  But we can’t even agree on that.  Ben Shapiro quit Breitbart to support Ms. Fields and seems locked in a perpetual flame war with detractors.


But some of the very best conservative minds remain confused.  What are we to think about this?





I’m not sure how to explain this.  This shouldn’t be rocket surgery.  This was not an issue that should have captured our attention.  Uuuuunless our brothers and sisters here are so willing, at this point in the electoral process, to open up our FRONT RUNNER to vast and catastrophic charges of First Degree War on Women.  A charge that’s undeserved, by the way.  What kind of idiot would do that?  I don’t know, but you guys should stop it.  You’re going to make me exceed my anti-depressant dosage again.  And I’m allergic to evil queens.


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2 Responses to Malice in Blunderland: As Our Grip on Reality Fails, the Evil Queen Prevails and Our Last Hope Derails

  1. Chana says:

    since reagan (i think) abortion is and has been a distraction tactic used by “neocon” establishment republicans in order to lure former dixiecrat voters over to the republican cause (ie the union of the large christian religious movements in support for large, bloodsucking organisims that have removed six of their eight legs and wear large suits with red ties to hide their true taxonomic identities) (like dems and their friends too)

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