Colorado GOP ‘Awards’ All 34 Delegates to Cruz, But the Truth May Be More Complex

Gruntington Post [Colorado Springs] – About 8000 party faithful gathered yesterday and today at the Broadmoor World Arena to finish electing delegates to send to the GOP convention in July. Ted Cruz was the only candidate in attendance, and he gave a rousing victory speech tonight after being “awarded” all 34 state delegates by the party. The actual reality of the delegates elected in this state’s complex, multi-layered process is murky, however.


Only 13 delegates were elected today, and these delegates were elected by paper ballot by party members present based on short speeches by the delegates who, in most cases, pledged to support one of the three candidates running. Some of the delegates were un-pledged. I know for a fact that a number of the delegates elected today were pledged to Donald Trump. This is a simple, observable fact, announced along with the names of the delegates after the individual elections.

So, why did the party announce that the entire state “awarded” all its delegates to Cruz? There may be a perfectly good answer to this, but I was not able to determine it today, and the Denver Post article announcing the results does not explain it. The Post does, however, hint that the reason Kasich and Trump did not attend because of the nature of the “state’s caucus process run by hard-core party insiders [that] did not favor their campaigns.”


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6 Responses to Colorado GOP ‘Awards’ All 34 Delegates to Cruz, But the Truth May Be More Complex

  1. Adrienne says:

    I was trying to figure out that whole Colorado caucus thing, and then I said, “The hell with it, There’s nothing I can do about it.”

  2. woodsterman says:

    You’re in Joe Kenda country?

    Your process sounds confusing. I used to like California’s much better. Then they screwed it up by allowing anyone to vote for anyone. They are no longer required to vote for their own party. Now we have primary chaos.

    • No kidding! Yes, Joe Kenda is a legend from Colorado Springs, just down the road. That’s also where Lou Smit worked, the homicide detective who disagreed with the Boulder detectives about the Jonbenet Ramsey murder.

  3. LL says:

    The caucus process (as opposed to the direct [straight-up] vote by members of the party) always seems a bit sketchy to me. I’m not surprised that the process can be bent one way or the other, or that there can be irregularities. Watching the process very closely this year has been somewhat depressing in several states.

    The convention will be worse.

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