Sorry Ted: I’d Rather Not Fight, But It’s Time That I Switched


The Cruz campaign sticker on my right hand margin came down today. I still love yah, Ted. I think your approach was really what we needed, and your freshly-minted pretend-VP, Carly, made a wonderful speech about taking the country back and restoring the Constitution. But it’s over. Last night, you were mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination outright. You and Trump are in my home state today campaigning for the Indiana delegates, and the polls I’ve seen say that you will lose that one, too. I suspect they’re right.

Normally, I would be ok with a knock-down-drag-out fight right up until the convention, but this election holds existential importance to us, and our survival in the race against the Wicked Witch of West Chicago depends on us halting our bloodbath when we are certain of the outcome. We are now certain of the outcome. Donald Trump will be the only nominee that can be put forward without the stain of a bitter and contested convention that would never escape the accusations of tampering if it put anybody else on the stage. You know it. I know it. And Newt knows it.

But this is not the tragedy I once thought it would be. As Newt Gingrich asserted in the above interview with Sean Hannity, there is a “profound rebellion” of populism going on in this country. We cannot stop it, and we would be fools to try. We should revel in it! Despite what the naysayers have been shouting, this rebellion will NOT drive us farther from the US Constitution and toward tyranny, and it will not hand the general election to Hillary Clinton.

This last claim has been, I think, the greatest sticking point for most of my friends and fellow pundits, and to me, the most absurd.  It drove me to offer a bet before Easter with a good friend.  I bet a $200+ bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label scotch that Hillary would NOT beat Donald Trump in November, despite the polls that say otherwise, if they are allowed to slug it out with no 3rd party challenge.  He declined the bet, but insisted that he still believed Hillary would win.

Just this morning, I was over at The Lonely Conservative blog reading the same thing.  Karen was writing about how she was “done with Fox News” for becoming such a “pro-Trump” news source.   Goodness.  Last I heard they were accused of being anti-Trump.  But she again repeated the absurd claim that so many have made that the “polls say Trump can’t beat Hillary.”  Rubbish.  If you follow the links over here, Karen, I will offer the same bet to you.  Please put your liquor where your keyboard is.  Hell, I’ll offer it to anyone who will take the bet, so sure am I that those polls are wrong or will be soon enough, after the campaigns get started and Trump gets into Presidential mode and Hillary is, well, Hillary. You know, it wasn’t that long ago that those same polls stated flatly that almost half the voting public would not vote for Hillary under any circumstances whatsoever.  But now everybody’s cool with the witch.  Likely story.

There are many aspects to this matchup analysis, about whether Donald or Hillary would win, head-to-head.  And they all add up to one glaring fact.  Hillary loses as long as the Republicans don’t stay divided.  I say, let’s not stay divided.  Take your damn Xanax if you need to, but for God’s sake, don’t be Karen, waiting around for November just so she can say, “told yah so!” and wallow in her schadenfreude.  Let’s finish this “profound rebellion” that so many have hoped for and finally make it so.

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12 Responses to Sorry Ted: I’d Rather Not Fight, But It’s Time That I Switched

  1. Whew! That was a loaded for bear post. Yes, let’s stand guard over liberty.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I can’t take you up on such a bet ’cause I’m in complete agreement with you. Very well said, Grunt. Was Cruz thinking he would drown out Trump’s foreign policy speech with his “big announcement?” And I still want to know why the Cruz super pac gave Fiorina’s campaign 500K..

    If I hear either of them mention the Cruz daughters one more time, I’m going to explode. I don’t give a rat’s rear patoot if Carly loves his daughters or if the daughters love Carly. Wow – Carly is a master of texting emojis to the girls? Now there’s a real requirement for higher office. Eight and ten year old girls shouldn’t be texting anyone about anything.

  3. LL says:

    The blush on the rose left (to me) when Cruz announced that Carson dropped out of the race in Iowa, and despite his rhetoric, which I believe is genuine, there was this “do anything to win” philosophy in his campaign. I have had to balance that with the likelihood that Trump would take votes from Hillary and that in a general election, even the ghetto is more likely to go with Trump because the inner city people who vote, want a better economic future for themselves and their families.

    Trump is not the ideal candidate. He’s not Reagan. But MANY people are put off by Cruz and I think that winning at this point is more important than trying to decide whether Cruz would be able to sell his philosophy to the bulk of the nation – and he hasn’t even sold it to the Republican Party.

    • Good point about the ghetto going for Trump, and I believe it. I just read some pundit complaining about being annoyed by his West African taxi driver talking about how much he loves Trump during his ride.

      Selling the philosophy is key. I was put off by how Trump’s platform says almost nothing about the Constitution, like lots of Cruz folks were. But it occurred to me that he knows that pitch won’t sell. Nobody has ever got anywhere in American politics by shouting about the Constitution, and nobody ever will. It’s Ted’s fatal flaw. It works for me, but most people can’t get excited about a piece of paper, and Trump knows it. But unlike the #NeverTrump crowd, who believe he doesn’t care about the Constitution, I think his commitment is implicit. But even if the naysayers are correct, what’s he gonna do? Obama HATES the Constitution and in 8 years he’s been unable to dismantle even the smallest part of it. That gripe goes nowhere.

    • Oh BTW, I finally got that Virtual Mirage hot link on the right margin—–>
      Thanks for your link as well, Scary Larry!

  4. Had I the money id take the bet, but only if the prize was an eighteen year single malt macallan. 🙂

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