Not Exactly the Dashing White Knights Now, Woman-Abusing NRO Idiots May Have Got Andrea Tantaros Fired from Fox

Remember all the chivalry displayed by writers at the National Review and The National Review Online (NRO) in defending the honor of Michelle Fields when she accused the Trump campaign of mistreating her?  I do.  I remember dozens of pieces, like this one by David French, accusing the campaign of every sleazy, despicable deed under the sun, including fomenting a culture of violence and an all out war on women in propping up her dubious story.

Months later, of course, after her story and behavior have been revealed to be complete shams and Corey Lewandowski has been vindicated, I don’t recall any walk-back from French or the clowns at NRO, like Kevin Williamson or Charles Cooke, who relentlessly beat the Twitter drums on behalf of Ms. Fields.


Andrea Tantaros

But in the meantime, Messrs. Williamson and Cooke may have succeeded in getting one of my favorite female writers fired from Fox News: Andrea Tantaros.  Great work, assholes.  You’re perfecting that “white knight” role nicely in defense of women in the business.  Good job proving to us that the Michelle Fields thing wasn’t all about Trump after all, right boys?  Because, that’s what your beef with Tantaros was all about, the fact that she dared to be defensive of Trump.

And your criticisms were so high-brow and gentlemanly, like the times you accused her of lying after she responded to your criticisms of her for being ‘stupid.’  Not unlike the awesome RedState site who actually published “FoxNews Raises Average IQ of Outnumbered by Taking Andrea Tantaros Off the Air.”  I especially like your retweet of this post which mocked her for being a terrible writer, when in fact, she is nothing of the kind:


I don’t even know what to make of this.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have a degree in English, and I’m just a technical writer and humble rocket scientist.  But, truthfully, I fail to see what’s so stupid about this snippet of Tantaros adequately describing a useful technical analogy.  Is it just too technical for you boys?  Is that it?

I’d prefer not to quote any more of those two youngsters, frankly, but I’ll wrap up with a wonderful quote from another New Republic genius that I used to admire before he became an offensive bigot, which I’d think would be a challenge for a talented Jewish writer from the upper west side of Manhattan who should know better.  Thanks for calling me a stupid whore, Jonah Goldberg.  I always find that to be most persuasive.

While my opposition to Trump is not primarily an argument about electability, I’ve been focusing on that angle lately because the establishment opportunists, quislings, sell-outs, pragmatists, and harlots are more persuadable on these grounds than arguments over principle. People open to principled arguments against Trump have already been persuaded.

Cross-Posted at Nox & Friends and just about everywhere I felt like, because this shit really is starting to piss me off.


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12 Responses to Not Exactly the Dashing White Knights Now, Woman-Abusing NRO Idiots May Have Got Andrea Tantaros Fired from Fox

  1. LL says:

    Tantaros is my favorite person on Fox. Seriously. If they pull her, there are show that I won’t watch anymore. Not that they care. It’s just my choice and that’s how it will fall. I’ll buy her book not because I want it but because I want to support her.

  2. LL says:

    Andrea Tantaros is one of the smartest women on Fox. Because she has openly advocated for Trump, they may have slapped her. I have heard things to this end on the net but nothing definitive. I don’t know anyone at Fox to ask, but there is always Sheryl Attkisson. She’s one of the few straight shooters left in the media. She’ll know. I’ll e-mail her in a week or so if Andrea doesn’t surface.

    • That would be good. There was another rumor about her getting canned for advocating too much for nationalism and against globalism, and although I agree with her enthusiastically on that, I find the pro-Trump explanation to be more plausible.

  3. Zilla says:

    Even before the rise of The Donald, Tantaros was the best part of The Five and the only reason why I could tolerate the nasally nuisances Juan & Geraldo on my TV at all. I won’t be watching much of The Five without her as it will likely just morph into another TDS Hour show and there are too many of them already. Thanks for standing up for the non-TDS folks, Grunt, there are more of us than people know (because a LOT of Trump supporters are keeping quiet about it till the privacy of the voting booth because the #NeverTrump crowd are such hostile jackasses and nobody likes getting trolled for not joining a particular bandwagon that they don’t agree with).

  4. Zilla says:

    Reblogged this on Femininican and commented:
    It is only hateful/RAAAAACIST/sexist/meaniepants if someone who doesn’t hate Donald Trump does it; you can do whatever you want to Trump supporters because we’ve all been declared stupid unpersons by the delusional deranged #NeverTrump schmucks. I think part of the reason why so many keep getting surprised by Trump’s victories is because a LOT of people who prefer Donald Trump over Cruz, Kasich, Clinton, and Sanders are not advertising it so as to avoid the ridicule, belittling, and abuse that is heaped on Trump & his supporters with impunity. Some people prefer not to be harassed so they’ll keep quiet or say they’re voting for whoever they won’t get trolled over but they exercise their will on a private ballot. There ya go, bewildered TDSers, I just explained the “Trump phenomenon” for ya, you’re welcome!

  5. Marjorie Mann says:

    I used to be an avid fan of Fox News; however lately I find that station boring and repetitious in their reporting. Andria Tantaros is a very talented, smart and beautiful woman….yes she has a brain…fox lets her go and holds onto the empty headed, Barbie doll narcissist Anna Koiman. That speaks volumes of which way Fox is leaning.

    • Good points, definitely. Fox does a lot of things very well, but there’re plenty of things to criticize, and this bad choice is a big one. But, it’s also possible it was more complicated than it appeared. Kinda doubt it, though.

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