The Case for Trump

The following is a guest post by GunnyG from Hardnox and Friends explaining why “Trump continues to gather momentum or better yet, why Trump is turning into a juggernaut and rolled over SIXTEEN opponents in the primaries/debates and who will crush CorruptoCommie #1 or Grandpa Depends CorruptoCommie#2 in the election.”


The first reason is that Donald Trump plainly talks about the issues, not in a right-wing way, left-wing way, GOPe-way, DNC-way, but in an AMERICAN way. Take for example the first time that Trump brought up the illegal alien invasion and all of the other candidates, on both sides, first filled their diapers and then went about blathering that (a), Trump was wrong and that (b), Trump could not say those things. But guess what? The AMERICAN people of all colors, creeds, shapes, sizes, etc., cheered and not only did they cheer but Trump was proven RIGHT! Illegal aliens are stealing jobs, stealing ID’s, getting illegal tax refunds, murdering American citizens, milking us for freebies of all sorts, filling prisons and courts, committing vehicular homicides/DUIs, voting illegally and often at that, and sending multi-billions BACK TO MEXICO to support their families back there. Trump called out both the Left and the Right elites on this and they crapped their pants over it.

Jobs. Call that reason number two. Trump correctly called out the various reasons why American businesses flocked overseas/OCONUS and one of them was the Corporate Tax, now at 35%, the highest in any civilized nation. Quite the no-shitter yet the idiots on both sides bleated and mewled that he was wrong, that it was needed, blah, blah, blah, however, economics proved him right. For example, why should a corporation pay 35% tax (they actually pass that cost onto the consumer), which cuts into their profit margin, when countries like Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Lichtenstein offered them low taxation, a good place to do business, an educated workforce, and a relocation for Americans to come over there and work! Trump rightly outed the mountains of red tape that an employer has to go through here in the USA, simply to hire an employee and what with idiots demanding 15 bucks an hour for minimum wage (unions love this since their contracts are tied to the minimum wage, which gives them a raise that they didn’t earn, and more dues go to the DNC coffers.) why bother staying? Tack on bullsh*t like social suckurity taxes and unemployment taxes, OSHA, EPA, and the rest of the gangster government, they chose to leave for greener pastures. Gee, no screaming eagle sh*t huh?

Cut the BS and bring jobs BACK to the USA while booting out the illegals once and for all.

Reason number three? The wall. It should have ALREADY been built but not building it serves both the GOPe, the Chamber of Commerce, and the DNC elites. Cheap labor. Voting early and often. And the GOPe went right along with it, effectively sealing their doom (and ours), by allowing human garbage in from Mexico, to vote in the Santa Claus party forever and ever. Adios Estados Unitos and Wilkommen das USSA.

Reason numero quatro? The US Military. Americans are sick and damn tired of spending OUR money and spilling OUR blood to bring freedom and democracy to people who don’t want it and who don’t understand it and moreover, DON’T WANT TO! It was Trump who outed how worthless NATO is. It was Trump who outed how obsolete NATO is and it was Trump who stated what we all knew, what a waste of money it is. The neocons on both sides filled their Depends as the defense industry fills their bank accounts and since THEIR kids don’t serve, war is big business for them. What they cannot stand is that AMERICANS don’t care about Third World dirt squirrels killing each other in the desert and in fact, we should see them what they need to do it! It was Trump who said that it is way past the time to mind our own business and only use our military, after remaking it strong and powerful, to protect the direct interests of America and our staunchest allies (five eyes/Isr)

Grund Nummer fünf? (Reason number five) would be, of course, trade. It was Trump who brought up slapping tariffs on the dirtbags flooding our nation with crapola and both sides laughed and yammered that Trump was stupid, blah, blah, blah. Lo and behold, it was Ronaldus Magnus who slapped a massive 45% tariff on rice grinders flooding our market in the 80’s, which saved Harley-Davidson. And both sides said that tariffs never work. Our trade deals suck. Why? One, because the idiots like Hanoi John Fonda Kerry are morons who give away the farm and two, they get kickbacks from their crappy deals, in order to line their pockets. Not to mention running to the stock market with their insider information and making more money, which we the people get the shaft. As for HJFK named above, the idiot told the EU to invest in Iran. Gee, was HJFK told to say that by Obama’s Iranian advisor Valerie Jarrett or Obama himself and how much did he pocket at the end of it. Trump makes good deals, they know it, we know it, and he can’t be bought or sold like the political whores, i.e., Pelosi, Bush, Feinswine, HJFK, and the rest of the scumbags inside the Beltway.

The crux of this issue is Nationalism versus Globalism and it was Trump who pointed out the uselessness of the UN and how we get the shaft to the tune of about 750 BILLION a year! Who are the #NeverTrump cheesedicks? They are the neocons/neolibs who are to the left in fiscal and foreign policy matters. They LOVE big government (think Juan McLame). They LOVE to make laws that they ignore, while giving themselves fat pay raises and less work. They LOVE drafting 2000 page bills that are as full of shit as an Obama speech but that cost us bazillions in the end. They LOVE crapola like the DHS (run by an idiot), the TSA (staffed by idiots), No Child Left Behind, the Patriot Act, Bailouts, Quantitative Easing, more cops, more infringement on our rights, Medicare D expansion, MORE global adventures and imperialism via nation building and trade. They cling to the 1940s idea that the US MUST intervene in every other country’s affairs in order to stabilize the Third World, hold back the commies (how’s that working for you what with two commies on the Dem ticket?), and to just police force the world, with American blood, money, and resources. That BS has failed as bad as communism/socialism has and the fact that neither the neocons nor neolibs have any desire to put American citizens first in any policy decision(s) was outed by Trump. He and he alone kicked over their apple cart. Trump puts Americans and America first, always.

In a nutshell, Trump tapped into the fact that we’re sick and tired of the germ/pest-ridden invasion by Third World vermin who invade our schools, hospitals, workplaces, stores, streets, housing, and we’re simply tired of them living in OUR country, aided and abetted by the US and Mexican governments! We’re sick and tired of getting the shaft on trade agreements that expand globalism and screw us over while US jobs fly overseas faster than Bill Clinton jumping into bed with a teeny-bopper on Orgy Island. We get screwed while 537 idiots in DC get richer. We’re tired of playing patty-cake with our enemies, who, if they truly threaten our interests, should be crushed and crushed w/o a shred of mercy. Bombed back into the Stone Age and left there. It was Trump and Trump alone who told us that we DO NOT have to swallow the PC bullsh*t coming out of DC and that we could tell the NWO scumbags and the rest of their lackeys to GTFO and stay out. Trump told us that we could tell the elites to take a flying leap at a rolling donut and THAT, brothers and sisters, is a breath of fresh air.

We the people are saying NO MORE and we are saying it with Trump! And that is YUGE, really YUGE!


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Fearless and Devout Catholic Christian First, Loving Husband and Father Second, Pissed-Off Patriot Third, Rocket Engineer Dork Last.
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7 Responses to The Case for Trump

  1. Rudy says:

    Just dropped in to say hello and offer some kudos for all your efforts. Been reading your stuff at N&F. You are a welcome addition to the crew at ‘Nox & Friends.

    • Welcome, Rudy! Very sorry to respond so late to your very kind comment. I’m traveling for work, and been pretty snowed under with work. To make things worse, the Air Force base I’m working on completely blocks N&F, so I don’t get to check in over there very often. I know you’ve been a regular at N&F for a very long time, so your welcome and kudos mean a lot. Thanks, Buddy! I’ve been enjoying your comments recently very much over there when I get to read them. You’re a good & wise voice! I hope to be a little more active and productive over there soon. Thanks again!

  2. LL says:

    Yes, to the entire list. And it’s even more interesting to see the reaction to Trump from the malignant insiders who have been feeding from the trough who fear for their sinecures now that somebody is calling “bullshit” on them. His enemies seem to be more on the inside than the outside. Isn’t that odd?

    The Dems don’t like Hillary and if they don’t stop spinning Trump as a force of evil, which he isn’t, they (meaning both the elite GOP, and the MSM, which is a wholly owned property of the Democrats) will lose the whole shooting match. After all, he’s not a politician, he may not “play ball”.

    • Agreed. I’m actually pretty concerned that even someone like Trump will be no match for the overwhelming size and malice of the Washington Animal Farm that sees him as a mortal enemy. He’ll need a miracle. So far, there have been miracles aplenty. I just hope they continue!

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