Newt: “I Think She’s Crazy”

“Folks on the Left cannot come to grips with reality.”

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18 Responses to Newt: “I Think She’s Crazy”

  1. Adrienne says:

    Is that the dumbest you’ve ever heard?”

    Why, yes. Thank you Mr. Trump

    Newt: “I think she’s crazy.”

    Thank you, Newt.

    Clinton: Inner cities “left out?’ No, Hillary – they opted out.

    • So many quotes, so little time. I love Hillary’s statement about Bill knowing how to create jobs in coal country after she made it clear she was going to purposely put them all out of work. I’m sure Bill will have some bright idea. Maybe open up more Hooters restaurants in coal country?

  2. Terry says:

    Bubba handling finances and Huma Abedin could be SOS. What could go wrong ?

    • Huma could appoint her Muslim Brotherhood family members as ambassadors to all the European nations. By that time, they’ll all be muslim-run, anyway, and everybody will be happy!

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  4. woodsterman says:

    Newty tells it like it is!

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