I’m Starting to Worry about Maria Shriver

She’s looking more and more like Steven Tyler.   Or maybe the other way ’round.Maria1j


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15 Responses to I’m Starting to Worry about Maria Shriver

  1. Adrienne says:

    While that’s a particularly bad pic of her, she does look really bad for only being 60 years old and has, no doubt, had some work done.

    • I think she’s always been a lovely woman, inside and out, and along with her mother were probably the only two decent human beings in the Kennedy family. But the aftermath of Arnold seems to have taken its toll.

      On the other hand, Tyler is just bizarre in his own right. He’s looking a lot like a hip grandma in his old age.

  2. LL says:

    Has anyone ever seen Maria Shriver and Steven Tyler at the same party? You know, standing under a clock and each holding a newspaper. I’m not suggesting that Arnold took a walk on the wild side but they both look just a bit like Bruce Jenner. Or maybe all three share the same plastic surgeon?

    Maria may be nice. I don’t know her, but she struck me (as did Tyler) as sort of a character from a Stephen King novel.

  3. GrimmCreeper says:

    That is hysterical. “Some sweat hog mama with a face like a gent said my get up and go musta got up and went.”

  4. Hardnox says:

    Ah… Maria Shrivel, the Kennedy clan’s stick figure.

    I’m with LL. Have Shrivel and Tyler been seen together?

  5. woodsterman says:

    Uncanny … but then Arnold could do that to a person.

  6. Zilla says:

    Wow. That is freaky!

  7. Terry says:

    Poor Maria. Maybe it would be humane to just terminat’er.

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