Robert Reich Thinks Democrats Should Commence Pants-Wetting Now

reichRobert Reich is a Professor of Imaginary Political Policy Subjects at UC Berkeley and a former Secretary of Labor in the Clinton Administration.  He’s also a short, hairy man often confused with esteemed midget actor Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones who has known Hillary Clinton since she was 19 years old.  Despite this association, he is a man of some integrity which is rare in a Democrat.  This compelled him, this past January, to write that he considered Bernie Sanders the more qualified candidate for President in 2016.  Madame Clinton could not have been happy about that.

Just today, Professor Reich wrote a piece in Real Clear Politics entitled How Trump Might Win.  The piece seemed intended as a wake up call for Democrats, but it might serve more urgently as a needed smack upside the heads of reluctant Republicans who still seem stuck in denial about Donald Trump’s chances in November.

In his essay, Reich pointed out the shocking reversal in polling data showing Trump pulling ahead of Mrs. Clinton recently.  More tellingly, he recounted dozens of anecdotes and personal observations that indicated how profoundly Donald Trump had tapped into the universal distain for politics among virtually all segments of the entire nation, and how he stands almost alone as the perfect anti-political candidate.

And then, of course, he followed up this heady praise with some obligatory, token criticisms about demagoguery, narcissism, megalomania, xenophobia and – my favorite – “a propensity to lie.”  That always brings the chuckle, for me, when anyone accuses an opponent of Hillary Clinton of lying.  Really, compared to Hillary, I’m not sure anyone could claim to be more than a rank, amateur liar.  I don’t remember Trump ever standing over the caskets of brave war dead whose deaths he’d directly caused, lying shamelessly and enthusiastically to their next of kin about their loved ones.

But I note the wonderful turn of Reich’s phrase here. “Propensity to lie.”  He won’t even mention any actual lies.  Because he’d be hard-pressed to come up with anything.  But I love the accusation of “propensity” here, partly because of how dishonest it is.  In truth, how could anyone but a Clinton accurately be accused of provably having the propensity to lie?  Not many, it seems to me.  I also note the word because I was recently accused by an ex-friend of having “the propensity to hate.”  This is odd language to me.  I think it just means “How dare you disagree with me?”  With feeling.  At any rate,  Reich’s accusations ring hollow, but his praise rings true, and I think he meant it that way.  The writing is really on the wall now, for everyone to read.

Read more at RCP.  Cross-Posted at Hardnox & Friends.


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8 Responses to Robert Reich Thinks Democrats Should Commence Pants-Wetting Now

  1. GrimmCreeper says:

    Dr. Miguelito Loveless is one of those assclowns who seems to keep popping up and never goes away. He’s like a bad plantar wart. Do we really want to listen to him defending the lying hag for another four years? I know I don’t. Harvard deserves him.

  2. woodsterman says:

    I can’t stand the dwarf turd.

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