The POTUS Is Revolting


I would use stronger language, but I agree with Wayne Allyn Root’s assessment of our pathetic President.

Mr. President, You Disgust Me – by Wayne Allyn Root via Breitbart

I’ve known for eight long years what a poor excuse for a man we have as a President.
I’ve known for eight long years what a deep dark hole he is leading this country down. I’ve known for eight long years that he is either mentally unstable, incredibly ignorant, or an extreme Muslim sympathizer like we’ve never seen in the White House.

I hope other Americans are waking up after the pathetic Presidential address to the nation about the Orlando Islamic terror attack.

It’s time to talk frankly. Obama’s speech was the most insulting, revolting & embarrassing speech EVER by an American president. It made me sick to my stomach.

Please read the rest at Breitbart.  Cross-Posted at Hardnox & Friends and PoliNation.



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15 Responses to The POTUS Is Revolting

  1. Adrienne says:

    I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been able to leave comments too many places. I read, with great glee, your son’s adventures on his trip. Hoping the good Lord is looking after him like he looked after you and me when were that age and a slight bit crazy (okay – bat guano crazy.) I think back on some of the things I did at that age and it makes my toes curl.

    Wayne Allyn Root is dead on. Odumbo statement after the shooting was horrific and embarrassing, Frankly, I think he was stoned.

  2. LL says:

    Barack is always wrong – about everything. It would be most disconcerting if he was correct once. I’d have to sit and evaluate my position more carefully…

    It’s good to be young like your son, out setting the world on fire. I enjoyed that part of my life immensely, and now, in my dotage, I can look back on it (as Adrienne suggests, amazed that I survived). I envy his adventure!

    • Heh! Thanks, LL. Sounds like you’re on a pretty good adventure right now, yourself! And you’re doing it right. You probably woke up in a suite at the Phoenician with a hot shower and a heated tile floor before going out into the outback and roughing it and doing cool stuff. He’s in a hostel in Prague right now and doesn’t speak a word of Czech and has a debit card that doesn’t work, and I don’t think there are showers. At least there aren’t as many muslim terrorists as there will be when/if he gets to Paris!

  3. Jules Smith says:

    I’ve watched for 8 long years how you drove this country down,
    and I’m gonna give you 8 long years if you come a visiting’ my town,
    An 8 good inches of my big ol iron might ease my furrowed brow
    Cos 8 long years I’ve watched you acting like a presidential clown…

    I’m sorry. The 8 long years part made me break into song….

  4. solaratov says:

    The Japanese are really strange……

    😉 😉 😉

  5. solaratov says:

    This is long (35+ min.), but pretty much worth watching. Mix a drink, light up a decent cigar, kick back and enjoy…..


  6. solaratov says:

    .Did anybody here know that Jeh Johnson (head of ‘homeland security’) is a muslim? I sure as hell did not! That alone explains a lot of what he has done at DHS.

    And now, he’s decided that DHS needs to be in charge of making sure that no one on the “terrorist watch list” is able to get any guns – without recourse to any sort of “due process”. I wonder how many people will be added to the TWL….and not find out about it until they want to buy a new gun? And, has anyone noticed that there is no way to get your name removed from the TWL? Maybe write your congress-critter; but even that is iffy.
    I suppose that the only thing to do is act pre-emptivelly and buy what you need now -before the list is updated to add all of you terrorists – – you know who you are. Thus far, they haven’t mentioned ordering ammo on the innerw3bz.

    How about that, though? Secretary of Homeland Security….a muslim! Talk about your fox in the henhouse! //LOL//

    Of course this is just a coincidence: On the 15th, J.Johnson’s wikipedia bio included the fact that he is muslim. On the 16th of June, that fact had been scrubbed from his bio (at 3:11GMT)

    As I said, “just a coincidence.”

    You don’t have enough ammunition.

    (copied from my post at n&f)

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