Closed for Mourning – Back Later

I don’t know, but I been told, you never slow down, you never grow old.
Tired of screwin’ up. Tired of goin’ down.  Tired of myself.  Tired of this town.
Oh my, my.  Oh, Hell yes.  Honey, put on that party dress.
Buy me a drink.  Sing me a song.  Take me as I come, ’cause I can’t stay long.
-Tom Petty



About GruntOfMonteCristo

Fearless and Devout Catholic Christian First, Loving Husband and Father Second, Pissed-Off Patriot Third, Rocket Engineer Dork Last.
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29 Responses to Closed for Mourning – Back Later

    • Just need a little time for some recent personal losses. Nobody you know, though I did throw Telly of the Resistance in there, because he was a fighter, even if not human.

      • Zilla says:

        I am sorry for your losses. Do you want to tell us about them? I think I’d like to know about those who are being honored with Telly. Maybe they can help look after him on the other side or he can make them smile with his cuteness.

        • Dammit, Mare! Stop making me leak all over my keyboard! 🙂

          I don’t have a lot of time right now, but I appreciate you asking. Yes, I’ll outline the list. All these men are dead and were close to me in some way, so I mourn them all over again, though it’s only one I lost just now.

          1-JCM1: Grandfather. Very close. Traveled together extensively. Born in a cabin in the woods of southern Indiana. Taught me how to live in the woods and love the land, blacksmithing, engineering. Taught me to pray. Made me Catholic. A rough, muscular and handsome man, I thought at one time he might actually be John Dillinger in the witness protection program, because they looked a lot alike and came from the same place. Also, Grandad had a mysterious past during the Depression that I could not entirely account for. I miss him more than I can articulate.

          2-Del: Grandfather. WW2 combat veteran. Flew from CONUS to Ireland & Britain pre-war and during. 4th Order Knight of Columbus. Plumber. Badass. I have his foot locker, but it’s really beat to hell.

          3-Court: Family. Career infantry combat veteran.

          4-Z: Family. Same as Court. They were brothers and warriors.

          5-Jimmy B: Family. Very close 1st cousin. We both inherited the same family defect involving crippling melancholia/depression, but his was worse. We both fought it by turning to God. I stayed. He fell to the darkness a few years ago and was lost for a while. This week, dead. Self-inflicted. Violent.

          6-O’connor: WW2 combat veteran. My best friend’s father. Brave man. Owe him a lot.

          7-Mike M: Fierce dude either hunting wild pigs in the cane, killing the big fish in the deep ocean or breaking wild horses. Like a brother. Spiritual bond. Died 2 years ago just after we fought about something stupid. Cancer. Never really reconciled.

          8-Burt: Blogger Solaratov’s Father. WW2 P-40 combat pilot in the Pacific. Decorated for sinking a Jap ship with a single 500lb bomb. Major badass. I never met him, but Solaratov has been like a father to me, and he mourns him, so I mourn him, too. Burt is on the list mainly because Solaratov is not dead… yet. Not for long, though, the way he lives. Sol has a badass story of his own that starts with multiple tours in Vietnam w/ Army Special Forces and gets better.

          9-Honorable Mention: Noah, youngest son, 18yo. Still alive, but a Marine Poolie heading to a boot camp that kills ’em regularly, and then he gets to go to Syria. He gets pre-mourned.

          10-Honorable Non-Human Mention – Telly: Marezilla’s tenacious kitten who made it through a lot recently. At rest now.

        • Mare, did you have anybody, in particular, who you miss, among family or friends, that you’d care to mention? I’d be interested to hear it.

          • Zilla says:

            Now you made me cry. Those are some great men, thank you for sharing. I will pray for Noah’s safety and well being. Seems to me that your boy comes from good stock which helps put the odds in his favor. I miss my dad every day of my life. He died in 2001 at 58 years old. My dad was big and strong and tough but very very sweet, generous, and super kind to animals and to anyone he met who needed help. My dad never turned down a chance to help a person or a creature. My dad served in the Army and was sent to Panama during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He was a cop in NYC and then joined NY’s Strongest – the Department of Sanitation – where he worked hard and achieved a high rank before retiring. I was his youngest of three kids and I was his favorite (everyone knew) and he was my hero.

            • Thank you! I’m sorry about your old man. I’m sure I would have liked him. He sounds a lot like Del. And you being the youngest (and favorite) makes you a lot like Gruntessa. You’re ok, Mare. Thanks for the memory!

  1. Adrienne says:


  2. trailbee says:

    May I? Make a list of all the funny times, and the times he/she? saved your bacon. 🙂

    • Thank you, Bee! You’re very perceptive and very sweet. 🙂 I’ll do that, except probably nothing funny for a while. I hope it’s not too hot for you in the foothills right now.

  3. Zilla says:

    Thank you, Grunt. Telly was the toughest fighter I ever knew. Sky is still very upset and all out of sorts, and her sad eyes make me all the sadder for the loss of sweet baby Telly.

  4. solaratov says:

    Here’s a little something to brighten your day……


  5. Here’s another one, Sol. I guess you need to be careful who you honk at in Russia. Stole this from over at Irish’s.

  6. LSP says:

    Sorry for the loss Grunt, and neat infovids, Solaratov.

  7. Jules Smith says:

    Hope you’re OK my friend. 🙂

    • I’m just fine, my friend! A little mourning every once in a while is good for the soul. So glad you made it home in one piece! We are missing you already here in the Colonies!

      • Jules Smith says:

        Missing y’all just as much. I hope your soul is feeling cherished. 🙂

        • It is indeed! Yours is cherished also! But I’m sure you know that. 🙂 BTW, the final debriefing from James Gruntson, our man in London, Paris, Prague and Iceland ended up being surprising. I never expected much from London, but to him, it was the shining city of light. Beautiful people, kind and decent. Endlessly fascinating. He could live there. As you said, if a man is tired of London… Prague was also fascinating to him in a different way, and Iceland, but not quite as much. But Paris. Holy Blue! He was there for a while, but to him, it was a huge pile of merde. The people were horrible. (That is, horr-i-bluh) Dirty, dingy, full of darkness, ironically. Too bad, eh? You and your countryman won this round!

          • Jules Smith says:

            Oh I’m so glad to hear that! Yeah, the French can be pretty horr-ee-bluh when they want to – I get that. Experienced it myself. Thankfully, your allies have decent manners and a good sense of humour! Tell him to come back whenever he wants and if he needs a guide ever, he has one!

  8. Brig says:

    Sorry for your losses. It is good for the soul to mourn on occasion. I stopped on the way North and had a few words with the Cowman. It was good.

    • I’m so glad, Brig! I know even berserkers must pause every once in a while to look back, huh? The view isn’t so bad, I’m sure. And I bet the Cowman appreciated the time with you.

      Thank you, Brig!

  9. woodsterman says:

    Well, I’m sorry about all that has you down my friend. I almost left the same comment as Adrienne did. So, without further ado, let’s laugh!

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