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How I Expected the Week to End

Bottom image by Diann Russell and the Patriot Retort blog. Advertisements

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Some Thoughts on the Week of Shame

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Citing Legacy at Risk, Barack Taking Off Entire Month of October to Campaign for Hillary

Blog Warning:  If you hate self-indulgent blog posts or verbal anger toward the POTUS, kindly turn away now.  This is both of those things. According to the NY Times, our President is clearing his schedule for the entire month of October … Continue reading

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Michael Bloomberg, Dickhead

Business Insider -Billionaire Michael Bloomberg stung Donald Trump on Wednesday night with a brutal critique in front of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, during which he repeatedly skewered the Republican presidential nominee’s business practices. The former New York City … Continue reading

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The Tragic End of DNC 2016

Well, this would go right along with the clusterf*#k nature of the convention so far.  With apologies to Dan Piraro.  Sorry Bro!

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These DNC Guys Seem So Legit

Scott Pelley and Lying Hillary Clinton MusingsOfABabyBoomer Blog – Scott Pelley said Hillary Clinton “seemed genuinely surprised” when the CBS anchor brought up the Wikileaks hack of the Democratic National Committee in their interview for 60 Minutes broadcast Sunday. Pelley joined … Continue reading

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Dreams From My Godfather

  Twisted inspiration for this came, unsurprisingly, from LL and Lone Star Parson.  Don’t blame me.

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