Summer of Gloom

We’re in a very precarious place here in the good ol’ USA.  The outlook is currently mixed, at best.  I think that ultimately we have reason for great optimism, especially if we can depend on miracles, and I am one of those people who believe in such things.  But there is also reason for great gloom, even during the first week of July which is traditionally the time of national optimism for Americans.  Instead, it’s like we have a year without a July. We are surrounded by betrayal: in our Capital, on our streets, in our press rags, on our blogs and sometimes in our very homes.

I don’t know when the gloom will clear.  If we could finally get some justice for our betrayals, that would be a good start.  In the mean time, LL from the Virtual Mirage blog does a fine job of summing up the state of our unhappy affairs. (Reproduced below with permission.)



crmrm160706Virtual Mirage – It’s been quite a week and there is much to reflect on in the national news. Lawlessness in Washington DC plumbed new depths as the FBI whitewashed the Clinton criminality that we’ve all followed with some interest.

I keep find myself muttering, “All pigs are equal but some are more equal than others,” as FBI Director James Comey (a mind reader?) proclaimed that he stepped into the lying, conniving mind of Hillary Clinton and could find no sign of malicious intent. He spread a lot of mud on the FBI, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Can the FBI ever be trusted to do the right thing again? The proof of the pudding is in the eating. When Congressman Gowdy was done with Comey, it made the FBI look like the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

crmrm160707.jpgFinding a way forward as a nation will be increasingly difficult without a major overhaul in the “justice system” as we reflect on the insider moves by the Clintons in Phoenix and elsewhere.

Will America stomach the moribund Bureaucracy evidenced by the FBI in the future? There is clearly a segment of the nation that is uncomfortable with that. Will it propel Trump (not the most glib of candidates) to the White House? We’ll see.

Barack has worked diligently to damage race relations in America ever since he took office and he’s seen some significant progress this week in Dallas, Texas.

DallasI heard champagne corks popping in the Oval Office as gunfire erupted in Texas claiming the lives of five police officers an injuring ten others.

Fox News showed scenes of black people celebrating the deaths of police officers, reminding me of scenes in Gaza and Damascus when terrorist hijackers flew aircraft into the World Trade Center.

Friday, Eric Dyson, presumably black himself, wrote this in the NY Times: “It is clear that you, white America, will never understand us. We are a nation of nearly 40 million black souls inside a nation of more than 320 million people. We don’t all think the same, feel the same, love, learn, live or even die the same.” Isn’t that a racist statement? No? Oh, yeah, how could id be if it’s written by a black person. That’s funny to me. I’ve seen black men die in combat next to white men and they died just the same while serving their country. Those police officers in Dallas all wore blue without regard to race didn’t they? And if you ask any black person, there is a significant difference between a black man and a nigger. Oh, did I just write something politically incorrect?

1776Just before the incident, Barack and AG Lynch were condemning police shootings elsewhere in the country long before any investigation surrounding the circumstances are complete. Tax Cheat Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, both personal friends of Barack, showed up to whip up racial tension, claiming that police officers murdered black suspects. The problem is that as with many police shooting situations that the progressive movement has condemned, the investigations tend to show that the police officers acted reasonably. While that’s not always the case, it’s clearly the trend. I wonder if white people will riot in Dallas because black murderers killed police officers? Likely not.

At the same time, the much publicized death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore at the hands of police has turned out NOT to be a result of police maliciousness. The officers (including the black officer who drove the paddy wagon), whose lives have been ruined, are now bringing suit against the district attorney for malicious prosecution. I took note that the white people in Maryland have not rioted, murdered and looted at the disclosure that a ‘racially motivated’ legal action against the police proved to be salacious, incendiary and unjustified.

The progs disgust me.

It’s been an interesting Independence Day week, hasn’t it?


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12 Responses to Summer of Gloom

  1. trailbee says:

    Miracles? Yes. Lost July? Hopefully not, but it’s up for grabs.
    The first four years laid the ground work for the next four. SCOTUS offered us a way out, and not enough people understood the reason for the option. In the seventh year, which by all history is the redeeming year, we are again given a way out of our dilemma, by the FBI. How many will understand and avail themselves of a backhanded gift?
    Power is an insidious evil, like a growing cancer. More wants more. Barry Sotero understood and made it his life’s work. We are reaping his benefits.
    Pardon the next sentences: If this is God’s plan because we as a nation have strayed from our Constitution, then, having read enough Old Testament, I am sorry to say, I shall not be around to see our comeuppance. All of His plans have taken a long time, ask Abraham and Moses! I have to be content to be a pilgrim.
    That was some post. Excellent. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Bee! LL deserves most of the credit for this post, however. I agree with your musing and think that the FBI letdown indeed may be a backhanded gift. I’m as optimistic as ever for November. Not only do I think we will win, but I think we will like what we get. Not because we deserve it. Quite the opposite. But I know that millions have been praying for a strong leader, and I know God delivers. I also have read enough New Testament to know what when God delivers, you can bet most of your neighbors will not recognize it and will more likely HATE it. That’s the way it seems to me, anyway. Until November, though, all the rapid-fire betrayal is still leaving a nasty, nasty taste in my mouth.

    • Bee, could I ask for a little forgiveness for something? Two years ago, before I knew you very well at all, you made a comment over at DMF that was mildly critical of Diogenes’ account of how she handled an attempted knife robbery. I defended her and disagreed with you. You never responded, perhaps because I was a little harsh. I regretted it almost immediately, and I hope that you’ll forgive my criticism then. You were just urging good sense, and the whole story was probably fictional, anyway. What do you say? No hard feelings?

  2. woodsterman says:

    It’s been a crappy 7 1/2 years, but whose counting.

  3. Peppermint says:

    Like one of your other commenters, the last 7.5 years has been nothing but misery with Obama. It can’t be soon enough when he leaves, except if Killary is elected. I’m praying for some new optimism with Trump if elected.

    Under Obama every day is a nightmare as there always seems to be a poke in the eye and a punch in the gut with what he does and says.

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