Need Relief from Americus Destructus Baracki? Try Spending Some Time in Small Town America, in a Red County

But you better do it before Barack’s new HUD rules turn every small community into little Chicagos.


A Beautiful Great Lakes Musky with a Message

Gruntington Post [Pentwater, Michigan] – Due to the overwhelming gloom that seemed to be gripping Americans around the normally happy time of the 4th of July week, the staff here at the Gruntington Post took it upon themselves to travel to the north woods in the Great Lakes region to find remnants of a cheerful America.  Of course, we had to purposely avoid vast areas of the lake country that are infested with Democrats, like the entire State of Minnesota.  Luckily, there are still lake beach communities around Lake Michigan that are majority Republican (and hence, happy, prosperous places) because they are populated by conservative refugees from the cities of Detroit and Chicago and Green Bay.

We ended up in the small coastal town of Pentwater, Michigan, mainly because that’s where we blew out a clutch on the Gruntmobile.  Unfortunately, getting your 15 year old Toyota Corolla repaired in the lower peninsula of Michigan is not always a friendly experience, this still being Ford, Dodge and Chevy country, after all.


A Michigan Garage Beauty – NOT the GruntMobile

Still, it only goes to show you the lengths of sacrifice that we are willing to accept in order to bring the real story to our readers.  As you can see in the photo below of the deck at Gull Landing on Pentwater Harbor, we spent our downtime vigorously researching the local culture.  We left no local blues band unheard, no fried walleye platter uneaten and no extra-tall mojito undrunk in the service of our readers.


Also, we faced considerable danger on a daily basis from the freshwater sharks that infest the waters of Lake Michigan.  This was necessary to experience the local flora and fauna and the unique character of the local brews that the natives there carry onto the beaches in rectangular boxes called “coolers.”  We found it all very intoxicating.


West Shore Lake Michigan South of Ludington

After a while, all we could do is lay on the beach and stare up at the sky at the clouds.  I obsessed on this cloud for a while(below) because it looked, to me, like a T-bone steak.  But that might have been the beer toxicity kicking in.


T-Bone Steak Cloud or Just Imagination?

We noticed that the locals along this part of the freshwater coast do a lot of boating in a variety of watercraft.  Many keep fit paddling long indian boats that the locals call “canoes” or “kayaks,” like the guy in the center of the photo below, and we did a fair amount of that, ourselves, until it became obvious that it was a lot of work.  A few mojitos later, and that pain was all a distant memory.


Mears Beach

And what of the local politics?  We spent some time talking to locals, especially the mechanic who fixes all the local vehicles in town, it being too isolated here to have any large garages or dealerships.  Bruce and Nancy Maynard run their 3-bay auto shop at the edge of Pentwater, and they were good enough to take on our clutch job, even though it meant working the Saturday after the 4th to get us back on the road.  Bruce is an amazing master mechanic, a Vietnam veteran and a brilliant raconteur who spent 20 years running a shop near Aspen Colorado and worked on all the vehicles of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band while he was there.  He had the Colorado license plate and other paraphernalia on the wall of his shop to prove it.  He also took very good care of us.

I expected the area to be Mitt Romney country, and for it to be possibly hostile to Trump for that reason.  According to Bruce, that probably isn’t true at all.  He seemed to think there was a lot of openness to Trump as a candidate, and there was especially an enormous amount of hostility toward Hillary Clinton.  That was music to my ears, as you can imagine.


Our Landlord for the Week Likes Trump Resorts. Interesting…

The conclusion?  Small town America still rocks in the month of July.  It’s good for the soul.  You should give it a try, if only for a week.  The rental rates in this part of the Great Lakes were surprisingly low, I thought, and were certainly much lower than comparable places in Florida, Gulf Coast or Mexico.


Flags and Happy Families and Bars with Antlers


West Shore Lake Michigan Harbor Sundown

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24 Responses to Need Relief from Americus Destructus Baracki? Try Spending Some Time in Small Town America, in a Red County

  1. LL says:

    Thank you for that incisive reporting of real America – far from liberal enclaves and inner city strife. Sigh – it’s important to find places like that and never leave.

    • Thank you, Sir! I’m with you there. Say, I never did catch the final location of your choosing. But people were talking like it was settled. Can you fill me in, by email or elsewhere? Thanks!

  2. GrimmCreeper says:

    It’s a rarity for me to look at a lakeside beach covered in sand. Around here it’s all red clay that ultimately works its way into the home decor.

  3. Adrienne says:

    You and LL make life so dang hard for me. He brings up stuff (like the “coup” in Istanbul) that requires hours of research, while you are always bringing up places I’ve never heard of also requiring my time be spent researching the aforementioned unknown place.

    Being a map freak, I must first find unknown place on a map. Then I have to Google images of unknown place, followed closely by looking at real estate listings for unknown place. Why? I have no idea. I’m not planning on moving to unknown place. It’s just a “thing.”

    Pentwater is really quite beautiful. The UP in Michigan is beautiful, too, but they have those awful winters.

    And you are completely right about Minnesota – at least the Twin Cities area. You get up around St.Cloud or Brainard, and you will find many Trump supporters.

    • LL says:

      Anyplace where the gasoline in the tank freezes and I have to plug in my car to keep the antifreeze liquid is too cold… visit only.

      • Adrienne says:

        One of the first things I did when I moved back to MN (a HUGE mistake) when I was 32, was to install a tank heater. Ugh! It took me two years to re-escape.

        Even our fairly mild winters are starting to bug me. I’d really like to get away for a few weeks in maybe January. Oh, wait – if you settle in Az, we could visit you for a few weeks.

    • Gruntessa is the same way. First thing she does is check real estate when she discovers a new place. Thanks for the kind words!

  4. Zilla says:

    You can find towns like that in New York State, once you’re away from the Big City and the other cities. I live in a nice little smallish town near the Hudson River, and we are very happy here – except for the New York prices and taxes that there is no refuge from.

    • Zilla says:

      [typo correction deleted]

    • That sounds wonderful! So, are you near where the Draper family lived up the Hudson in that AMC TV show, Mad Men? That was supposed to be pretty nice. Ossining, I think. Of course, the show was filmed on sets in Hollywood, and the small NY town stuff was all filmed in those idylic neighborhood sets in Pasadena, CA, so you wouldn’t expect it to really look the same.

  5. Brig says:

    What excellent reporting, thanks for showing me a part of the country I didn’t think I would ever want to see. I have a lot of West I want to see before I ever go E again.

    • You’re very welcome, Brig. And I know exactly what you mean. All my dreams are out west. And there’s so much of it! And when done with the USA part, there’s more west up in Canada and down in Chihuahua land!

  6. Gene says:

    Because you are a rocket scientist you might enjoy this website.
    Bob Zimmerman posts new space exploration articles daily.
    Thanks for grunting and keep it up.
    I give your blog six grunts.

  7. Papabear says:

    Grunt… I would vote for the bikini clad “chickie-poo” at the top of this message “just for the halibut”, (the same reason shrillary supporters would vote for “their” harridan).

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