How I Expected the Week to End


Bottom image by Diann Russell and the Patriot Retort blog.


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Fearless and Devout Catholic Christian First, Loving Husband and Father Second, Pissed-Off Patriot Third, Rocket Engineer Dork Last.
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17 Responses to How I Expected the Week to End

  1. Terry says:

    Even better than a bucket of blood !

  2. LL says:

    That clearly would have been a happy ending.

  3. barnslayer says:

    I guess that would be her swine song.

    Afterwards Bernie could rightly say….. “you’re flat”.

    • Hahahahah! Exactly! Except he’d say it in a Queens accent. “Yah flaaaaat!”

      How you been, Barn? Good to see you! Daughter and son-in-law still doing ok?

      We’ve been talking about you a lot lately. All good. For one, a buddy at Langley is marrying a Catholic girl from Long Island, so we made him promise to invite us to the yuuuuuge Long Island wedding! Then we’d come by your place afterward. Drunk, probably. Warn the missus! 😉

      Also, Solaratov is wanting to buy your M1A and cut it down to 19″ to make an updated battle rifle out of it. I’m trying to convince him to just buy an M1A Scout (18.5″) instead because it would be a shame to modify such a fine original rifle with a match barrel.

      Also, we’re trying to save your boxed bottle of JW Blue Label for the victory celebration when Trump wins in November. Hope that’s ok with you.

      • barnslayer says:

        Grunt… say the word and let me know when!!!
        Where on Long Island is this wedding gonna be?

        The JW Blue Label was my way of saying thanks. I’m basically a tea totaler unless social situations dictate otherwise, or I have trouble sleeping…. or have a cough. (cough!)
        Use it well. May it be a happy occasion! Trump winning fits the bill for me!!!

        About that M1A…….. I have the deepest respect and admiration for Sol (I hope he’s doing well) but I swear I will do evil to him if this happens.

        Are you thinking of selling the M1A? If you peruse my latest posts at the gun forum you will see it’s been on my mind.
        Would you consider selling it back to me? It’s yours fair and square to do what you want but I figure I’d ask anyway.

        • barnslayer says:

          Mrs. Barnslayer wasn’t sure I sounded desperate enough regarding the rifle. She’s tired of hearing me pine for it. Let me know!

          P.S. Daughter happily married two years now. No kids in the plans yet.

          • What??? No kids??? You and Mrs. Barnslayer are clearly not throwing enough guilt their way. Make sure you work on that! 😉

            I would, of course, sell the rifle back to you. It’s a beauty, but it’s yours if you want. I’ll make sure Sol gets another kind. He really wants an FAL, anyway.

            Don’t know yet the details of the wedding. It probably won’t be until next spring or so. I just know it will be BIG.

          • Fire away on email. We’ll do what we need to do. Family is good, but could use some prayers for son#2 currently at Marine Boot Camp in San Diego. Just wrote something about it a few days ago, but it was buried in the post about Barack taking the month of October off to campaign for Hillary.

  4. solaratov says:

    When you can’t be the lion……
    Be the pissed off buffalo.

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