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‘Wikileaks’ Releases Video and Secret Dialog Between Trump and Mexican President Pena-Nieto

To view a larger size, go to the cross-posted image at Nox & Friends.  Or go here.  Idea for graphic stolen from federal wiretaps of Hardnox’s phone conversations.  As for commentary about the actual trip to Mexico and the rousing … Continue reading

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HuffPo’s David Seaman Freaks Out And Expects to Be Killed for Questioning Hillary Clinton’s Health

“This is Orwellian.” Heh. I think this speaks for itself.  Hat tip to C.W. Swanson from the Daily TW.

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Mission Accomplished, Feminism: Marriage Is Dead, and You Killed It

The poster child for the most destructive of all feminist double standards is now Katherine McPhee, the latest to nail a poisonous spike in the coffin of marriage as an institution in our culture. Recently, singer & actress McPhee was … Continue reading

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Trump Hires Gandalf to Confront the Vast Powers of Darkness Arrayed Against Him

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Kiwis Score!

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Googled ‘Stone Idol Statues of Michelle Obama’; Was Not Disappointed

Actually, I started out with these amusing chessmen I saw over at the good Stoat Weasel’s place.  The shocked faces on the king and knights made me think that they’d seen a ghost.  Or maybe something worse, like Michelle Obama … Continue reading

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Advanced Zombie Apocalypse Survival Training

Terry shows us the best methods for defending against walking-braindead liberals still left behind after they cause total civilizational collapse.  Remember, they may be dumb and clueless about their role in bringing about the end of the World, but don’t think … Continue reading

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