High-Frequency Noise Pollution Concerns Mount as Florida Releases Bats to Combat Zika


And Hillary shrieks enough all by herself.  Thousands of little Hillaries will make the noise level unbearable.

Miami New Times – Bats are, famously, one of the mosquito’s natural predators. According to some experts, a single brown bat can gobble up to 1,000 mosquitoes in a single hour. So if the county released a cave’s worth of bats into the Wynwood sky every day, Miami’s mosquito problem would be eradicated in a fortnight, right?

Turns out the idea isn’t all that crazy: Last month, the New York Times chronicled suburban North Hempstead, New York’s plan to build “bat houses” — which look and function like bird houses except with slot-shaped holes for bats — across its Long Island town. According to one mosquito expert the Times quoted, bats burn so many calories through flying that they pretty much have to inhale mosquitoes indiscriminately to keep themselves full.

But town officials say it’s impossible to quantify what impact the bats have had, and Laura Finn, a Central Florida bat conservation expert who spoke with New Times via phone, says she doubts they would be able to wipe out mosquitoes on their own.

Read the whole story at Miami New Times.


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7 Responses to High-Frequency Noise Pollution Concerns Mount as Florida Releases Bats to Combat Zika

  1. Gene says:

    No way!!! Keep those bats away. They have a huge reputation for making bad problems worse and creating new problems out of thin air. Dirty bloodsuckers. You think zika is your worst problem. Just give them a few short years and zika will seem like the good old days.
    Real bats are nasty enough. All kinds of diseases.

    • Yeah, and they’re actually pretty good at ignoring the bat houses you make for them and moving into your attic instead. Then you have the parasite bugs that they bring with them in your house, as well. I’m ok with them, generally, but you’re right that they can cause other problems.

  2. LL says:

    Bats remind me of Hillary’s Flying Monkeys and since they are flying rats (some people say that pigeons are but it’s bats), they will serve their queen (the Queen of the Damned) and will likely try to vote since they don’t have to show ID.

  3. solaratov says:

    Sounds like a pretty good plan. Simple, direct action by nasty, disease-ridden flying rats (/sarc/) with no picture IDs who will try to convert us or kill us – or turn us into slaves of the Queen of the Damned [can you say “Zombie Apocalypse”, boys and girls?] Of course, feeding them is no problem….but what about those “bat houses”? Remember, this is a government program….so, the housing that a pack of boy scouts cold churn out for about a buck apiece over a weekend, will – when built to government specs – take about five years (what with changes and upgrades based on improving technology) to build and will, in the end – considering cost over runs for those changes and upgrades and theft based on common greed – cost somewhat north of $250,000.00 apiece.

    But, I suppose, if it saves just one child……………

    For the children, you know!

    (Just wait until the first grubby little house-ape drags one into the house, to the tune of, “It followed me home, Ma. Can I keep it? I’ll take good care of it.”) Ahh….life is good.

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