Ransomgate Makes Watergate Look Like a Baby Shower

But not a Clinton baby shower.  Saudi Arabian businessmen don’t belong at a baby shower.  And the American PseudoPress wouldn’t report on that, either.



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13 Responses to Ransomgate Makes Watergate Look Like a Baby Shower

  1. LL says:

    The captions say it all. With Watergate, there was a Republican in office and the press attacked him. With Hillary and Barack, they support them at all costs and hide the truth – for the most part. The WSJ was principled enough to run with the ransom story, but I’m sure that they will be made to pay. The editor that let that story go may not live a long and fruitful life.

    • At least two networks said absolutely nothing. Curse them and may their nads rot and turn to dust. Their jobs as overwatchers of the Republic are sacred, and they have disgraced themselves.

      • papabear says:

        Honestly, Grunt… for the “watchdogs” of truth to sense they’ve been disgraced, they must first recognize an intrinsic modicum of honor and integrity. They HAVE none, ergo, cannot feel the shame they so richly deserve. We need to get together and have that beer to expose the nation to the brainwashing taking place these days. papabear@bauschinc.com

        • Amen to that! And we will get that beer, as soon as I get done with this constant travel and deadlines at work right now. Stay thirsty, Bear!

          • papabear1950 says:


            The reason I bring up “having a beer” is because I may be moving to Arizona September 1, and our proximity would not lend itself to such frivolity. Even though I live in the same area as Steve Green of PJTV, and Michelle Malkin of Fox(y) News, I’ve not met them either, so I thought “If I don’t meet this military hero after he suggested we DO, I’d be a registered democrap, MORON”, so, that is the reason for my request. I don’t doubt you are a busy guy, and I don’t want to bring more stress into your life, but if there is any way we can schedule this “summit meeting” soon… day or night, I will try to be available.

            Thanks for your patience with my palaver.


            • No worries! I’d be happy to, of course! Although Steve Green and Michelle Malkin would be a lot more fun and edumacational! Let’s do it. I’ll shoot you an email, but please be patient. I’m scrambling at the moment and I’m falling through on a lot of promises lately!

  2. Hardnox says:

    It’s pathetic that our media is so absolutely corrupt and refuse to report on this criminality. No wonder they’re all going broke.

    Where is Congress on this? Supposedly the admin can’t spend a dime without their approval. Oh yeah, they’re on vacation campaigning and begging for bribes… er, donations.

    • Pretty much. God damn those useless pieces of shit in Congress. This isn’t a joke!

      • solaratov says:

        Sure it is (a joke). Can’t you hear the congress-critters laughing, guffawing, at us? Laughing because the people are stupid enough to keep sending them back to congress – no matter how often they break their word to us; no matter how often they sell us out….the American voter sends them back because those voters are too damned lazy to research – just a little – to see how they’ve been screwed and who might do a better job.

        And the bastard globalists are going to be laughing at us still as we march complacently off to the camps and the ovens.

        Unless we make things change!

        November is our last damned chance.
        If the ballot box doesn’t work….it’ll have to be the cartridge box, sadly enough.

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