Why Is It Only the UK Press Reporting Kathy Shelton’s Accusations Against Hillary Clinton Today?

That’s a rhetorical question.  You already know.


Daily Mail UK – A child rape victim says she cannot forgive Hillary Clinton for defending her rapist in court 40 years ago, saying the Democratic presidential candidate attacked her credibility despite knowing that her assailant was guilty – and later laughed about it in a taped interview.

Kathy Shelton was just 12 years old when a 41-year-old drifter raped her on the side of a desolate Arkansas road in 1975.

Now, four decades later, she has agreed to be named and pictured for the first time in this Daily Mail Online exclusive because she is furious that her rapist’s defense attorney – Hillary Clinton – has been portraying herself as a lifelong advocate of women and girls on the campaign trail.  Go to the Mail to read the new allegations.  Hat Tip: 90 Miles From Tyranny.

In related news, some of Hillary’s 30,000 yoga emails are starting to show up…



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11 Responses to Why Is It Only the UK Press Reporting Kathy Shelton’s Accusations Against Hillary Clinton Today?

  1. LL says:

    If Hillary barfed by the side of the road, one of the reporters covering her campaign would stop, stoop down and quickly scarf it up with a spoon, enjoying every drop.

    Such is the nature of the mainstream media.

  2. trailbee says:

    Kathy Shelton was just the trial run into hell for Hillary. She finessed her art with the rest of Bill’s peccadilloes. To do this injustice to a 12 year old and then use it as a political reference is incredible and unforgivable.

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