Kiwis Score!



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17 Responses to Kiwis Score!

  1. LL says:

    Yes, it was his gain. Even if I knew that Barack was calling, I wouldn’t take the call. Nothing good could come of that. I wonder if Barack and the wookie are going to cancel plans to go on vacation (at public expense, naturally) to New Zealand before he leaves office? Rumor is that he’s going to do an around-the-world farewell tour, focusing on the Southern Hemisphere, where it will be summer, after Hillary wins.

    • But seriously, I wonder what the Caller ID would come up as. Something simple? Like “POTUS?” Or accurate, like “Epic Douchebag.” If it was just a 202 area code number, NOBODY would pick that up because it’s usually a fundraiser or pollster from the beltway. Might even be the Clinton Foundation, and those calls could get you killed, potentially.

      You say “farewell tour,” I say “f*&# you all tour.”

      • GrimmCreeper says:

        Dog Eater, Choom Gang, Dick Head… The possibilities are endless, but all outcomes would be the same, call block.

        • Yeah. I don’t suppose call block even works with the POTUS. He probably has some magic line so he can reach the Iranians for those late night cash deliveries and the Pakistani heroin traffickers so he can get the good stuff for his secret celebrity parties at the White Hut.

      • papabear1950 says:

        Grunt, you are SUCH a diplomat… lamont is actually an “epic ENEMAbag”. It affords him the scatological respect he so richly deserves, an focuses on his favorite orifice.
        I must admit, though… I’ve talked to some former WH security people who assure me his favorite playing card is the “douche of spades”!

  2. LL says:

    I think that it’s more likely that it came up “No Caller ID”… But it could have been a number that came back as “Shroom Club” or some such. I mean, we are talking about Barack, who has supremely bad taste in everything including women.

    • Well, I’m sure Valerie picked out Moochelle for him, and the kids, as well. No man would do that on purpose, especially with the mother-in-law that came with. But his taste in everything else is supremely bad: the roommates, celebrity friends, running mate, choice of religion, cigarette brand(Virginia Slims).

  3. Brig says:

    A Wise man to not take US government calls…

  4. barnslayer says:

    It’s bad enough getting emails from Nigerian princes, but when a Kenyan muzzie-in-chief starts calling it’s time to get a new phone number.

    • That’s for sure, Barn. At least the Nigerian princes are fairly harmless if you ignore them. BTW, I’m still on the east coast, but will be heading back tomorrow, so I’ll email you from there when I get a chance.

  5. Euripides says:

    I have it on good authority that the caller ID showed up on the phone as “Weed Whacker.”

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