‘Wikileaks’ Releases Video and Secret Dialog Between Trump and Mexican President Pena-Nieto


To view a larger size, go to the cross-posted image at Nox & Friends.  Or go here.  Idea for graphic stolen from federal wiretaps of Hardnox’s phone conversations.  As for commentary about the actual trip to Mexico and the rousing speech in Phoenix upon return to the US, I can say no more than Diann Russell said in her excellent review of that speech:

Patriot Retort – I just finished watching Donald Trump’s immigration speech from Phoenix last night, and all I can say is, wow! It was excellent.

Trump didn’t just give a dry, boring, wonkish policy speech.  Instead, he delivered this speech with his trademark excitement and enthusiasm to an equally excited and enthusiastic crowd.  Yesterday was a yuge day for Mr. Trump and one that could very well be the turning point in this election.

You know how I know?  Because the Left is having a collective freak-out over all of it — his trip to Mexico, his speech in Arizona. All of it.  The louder they scream and the harder they clutch their pearls, the more certain I am that Trump hit a home run yesterday.  Read the entire essay at the Patriot Retort.

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7 Responses to ‘Wikileaks’ Releases Video and Secret Dialog Between Trump and Mexican President Pena-Nieto

  1. LL says:

    We are all forced to come here to Galt’s Gulch to get the true and untold story. I can’t imagine either Hillary’s bust, or a bust of Hillary…both are hideous.

  2. Jules Smith says:

    Yes, Sculptors are very flattering these days….

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