Not My Fault… This Time

UPDATE: The possibility of sabotage didn’t occur to me for over a day, mostly because my opinion of SPACE X and its founder and their high level of arrogance (which is toxic in the launch business) made me think this was a screw-up related to their use of a super-dense/cold LOX oxidizer.  But after being asked about it a few times, I’m ashamed to admit this might be an obvious explosive device.

Note the flash at the 2nd stage.  Neither liquid oxygen nor RP-1 (kerosene) can possibly flash like that (unless mixed) from a mere spark or other defect.  Something exploded big that had nothing to do with the fueling going on in preparation for the engine test still 3 minutes out.  It was only after things started falling apart that there was enough propellant mixing to destroy the pad.  The initial explosion is highly suspicious.  And the Israeli payload?  Hmmm.  Has ISIS taken credit for this yet?

ORIGINAL STORY: Scott Manley, Astronomer, Scotsman, Hacker, Gamer and Sound Dude, actually has a pretty good rundown on what happened to the unfortunate Space X Falcom 9 rocket and its Israeli communications satellite and the *very* unlucky Pad 40 at CCAFS yesterday.

Here’s a quick 3 minute RT video showing the explosion with no commentary.


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7 Responses to Not My Fault… This Time

  1. LL says:

    I blamed you initially as I blame you for most things, but I guess you are innocent — as you put it — this time.

    • Well, if you add ’em all up, my close friends have racked up over $3.5B in losses for typing decimal points in the wrong places or using feet instead of meters, but so far, I’m still in the low $thousands! Score!

  2. neal says:

    Gary Seven was unfriended on Facebook. Stay away from the cans. He really hates those cans.

  3. solaratov says:

    Now “people” (the ubiquitous they) are saying that it’s ‘possible’ that the rocket was hit by a drone. That’s possible, I suppose….but wouldn’t it have shown up on the tapes of the kaboom?
    Let’s blame it on the Russians. It seems that they’re being blamed for everything else, so why not?

    • Sure. They would be the go-to blame-ees. But the CCAFS range folks pay a lot of attention to the skies when they’re conducting tests. Any drones, except invisible ones, would be spotted and complained about, I think.

  4. Popular Front says:

    Hilarious footage that really needs a Herb Morrison-style commentary….”This is terrible!….Oh the humanity!”

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