WikiLeaks Email ID1606 Revelation: “The Rothschild Family Owns the F#ck Out of Hillary Clinton”

From newly pissed off HuffPo writer David Seaman, who may really not have that long to live…  It’s starting to look like George Soros really is just a middleman, after all.

Posted just minutes ago, late Friday night.


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31 Responses to WikiLeaks Email ID1606 Revelation: “The Rothschild Family Owns the F#ck Out of Hillary Clinton”

  1. solaratov says:

    ” It’s starting to look like George Soros really is just a middleman, after all.”

    I told you that last year. *Somebody* has to be the public face of the NWO.
    And the Bilderbergers are just a bunch of wanna-bes who haven’t made it yet (and may never) and has-beens on their way down and out.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I think it may be completely impossible to untangle the web of the Rothschild family. Their tentacles are deep and far reaching. As to who ultimately owns the Clinton’s, Odumbo’s, et al? I don’t think we’ll ever know. I don’t even think they know.

    • Right. And we don’t even need to know. The Clintons and the Obamas have made it easy enough to tell that they are only a cog in the great globalist machine, so we should be courageous enough to cut them loose whenever we can. Whoever opposes them needs our support.

  3. Jules Smith says:

    Don’t vampires sleep for 18 hours a day?
    Money talks..
    I like this guy. You need more journo’s like him. Hope he lives to tell more tales.

  4. jw burns says:

    Finally, we can put all of those ludicrous conspiracy theories tying everything back to uber-wealthy Jewish banking interests to rest.

    • barnslayer says:

      What significance does their religion play in this?
      Sounds like the Napoleon complex label. Short men should not be leaders (and
      Jews should not be bankers) lest they get put onto some sort of shit list.

      Paulbot much?

      • Well played, Barn. I don’t know Burns, but I was hoping he was just joking, because I want to stay as far away as possible from the idiots espousing the Zionist/Israeli Conspiracy theories about the Rothschilds. Like Soros, the Rothschilds’ Jewish origin has no more to do with their actions or crimes than the fact that Hitler had been baptized a Catholic before he promptly forgot about it.

        • And I’m not even implying I know anything about criminal activities of the Rothschild family. For all I know, they may be no different than the Bush family in their exercising influence over globalist efforts around the world. Pushing peace talks, UN power and de-emphasizing sovereignty rights, and so on. That’s not a crime. But it does seem to me that it’s rather anti-USA and anti-Israel.

          • barnslayer says:

            I don’t understand how wealthy people like Soros as well as many western leaders want to side with either communism or islam? What’s in it for them? They’re surrounding themselves with untrainable animals in the belief these groups will only harm their competition? And why not view communism and islam as the ultimate threats to ones own wealth and power?

            • I don’t know. Seems rather an irrational mentality. Perhaps that’s an indication of real evil behind it. Maybe the goal isn’t to achieve ultimate power? Maybe the goal is just to burn it down and have it STAY burnt down.

        • barnslayer says:

          It’s not at all similar to the moslems where the violence they commit is dictated to them in the koran.
          The Bible (both Old and New Testaments) may have instances of violence in them but do not instruct that any of it become guidelines for behavior of the faithful. The exception being in dealing with transgressing congregation members. If muzzies were to follow that lead… there would be no global terrorism, and all other religions would be peacefully tolerated.

          • Exactly right. That’s why I hate the generalization of the word ‘religion.’ Seriously? We’re supposed to lump Scientology, something made up by a science fiction writer a few years ago, together with global faiths that have been around since the beginning of recorded history? Not all are created the same, and they don’t behave the same.

        • jw burns says:

          Well, Burns is observant and understands that that topic is the third rail for anybody who wants to stay public. I’m sure its all just a web of coincidences and misunderstandings. But, generalizations about other groups are all purely factual.

      • One thing I’ve come to understand about the westerners who espouse the Zionist theories about Israel being behind 9/11 and so forth is this: They’re fringe Christians who believe that the blood of the cross still “on us and on our children” is a curse that magically affects any modern Jew and makes them inherently evil and capable of any horrible act. But more than that, somehow, ACTUALLY responsible for EVERY evil act commited, anywhere. Delusional idiots. Unfortunately, I’m related to at least one of them and know a few others. They are beyond messed up.

  5. trailbee says:

    I looked at this Sunday and then forgot about it. BUT I suddenly realized what the hell is going on with Hillary – she was, and still is, jealous. This is a woman on a mission and she will absolutely not stop until she is at the top of the heap. Jealousy will rule ones life if allowed. As in: Thou shall not covet …:) Oh, poor Hillary. And we are all paying the price.

  6. Ann Francis says:

    David, I am praying for you, you are a very honest and courageous journalist. I admire you. According to Larry Nichols, who has spilled the beans on Hillary with his connection with her and Bill in Arkansas, admitted Hillary attended “Witch Gatherings” in LA for over 5 years when he was Governor. Apparently she flew out with other women( 4-5)about once a month for several years! She turned herself over to the dark side, long, long ago and the suspicious body count from Arkansas and DC lend credence to that! Be careful, praying for your safety.

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